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by Paul Dale Roberts

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 The Story of 3 Cryptids

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Silhouet98 Posted - 11/22/2016 : 12:44:21 PM
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

During the lifetime of a human being, a majority of people never witness a UFO, nor do they witness a cryptid. Sightings of ghosts or demons are more common place. But, there are those few that have the privilege, if you want to call it a privilege of seeing a cryptid. Below, I have 3 stories in which witnesses have made claim of seeing a cryptid. The first one is a water elemental called a Wetlash. The second one is an Orc. Now we all know that Orcs are fictional characters, but the entity that was seen actually looked like an Orc! The last story is about a Denali Pterosaur that was seen at a national park in Alaska with an added on story about a possible portal called the Gates of Hell. The Gates of Hell could be a portal not only for spirits, but a portal for interdimensional crytids or even extraterrestrials. So, please read on, these are from the case files of HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations). Three spectacular stories of cryptids:

THE FIRST STORY: Interview with Bob Montana, Carmichael Resident: Sighting of a Wetlash

Paul: Bob, tell us something about yourself.

Bob: I was born and raised in Sacramento, lived in Carmichael for about 7 years now. I am married with 3 children. I work for the State government. I am an avid fisherman. I love taking my boat out and seeing what I can catch.

Paul: What kind of boat do you have?

Bob: I have a 30' Hydro Cat Cataraman Offshore Fishing Boat.

Paul: On November 16, 2011 around 2000 Hours (9pm) you saw something unusual along the embankments of the Sacramento River?

Bob: Yes, I saw a Wetlash.

Paul: What is a Wetlash?

Bob: My Indian friend calls it a Wetlash. It was the damnest thing I ever saw. This watery creature came out of the water, it had long ears, must of been about 3 1/2 feet high, knee high boots, strange shirt with an open collar and the longest tail ever. At the end of his tail, he was holding a fish. The Wetlash caught my eye and looked at me with a strange look and went back into the water immediately.

Paul: Were you drinking?

Bob: No, I never drink when I am on the waterways!

Paul: What part of the Sacramento River were you at?

Bob: Near Garcia Bend.

Paul: This is a very strange sighting. Could the sighting be of something else, something natural? Could it have been a glop of water ascending into the air, from the movement of your boat?

Bob: No, it was a creature, it looked like one of those elf type of creatures, from Lord of the Rings.

Paul: So your Indian friend calls it a Wetlash? What did he say it was?

Bob: He thinks it was a water elemental and that it came from Europe.

Paul: Water elementals are essentially etheric matter. There are a variety of nature spirits. People know these nature spirits as fairies, ondines, etc. They don't have to always come from Europe.

Bob: If not Europe, then where are they from?

Paul: From all over. The Jews call them Shedim. The Egyptians called them Afries. Africans named them Yowahoos. Persians called them Devs. If this was an elemental entity, it may have been here in America for a long, long time.

Bob: Do you think you want to investigate this creature?

Paul: Honestly. The only way I would investigate this creature is if there was another sighting. A long snake or sea serpent was once spotted in the Sacramento River by 43rd Avenue – Pocket Area / Greenhaven. Mothman supposingly jumped off the Tower Bridge over the Sacramento River. There are stories of ghosts along the Sacramento River like the La Llorena and the ghost called: Fisherman of the Sacramento River Banks. From your story, the Sacramento River just gets spookier and spookier.

2ND STORY: Isle Royale National Park Orc

A mythical creature (as a sea monster, giant, or ogre) of horrid form or aspect.

Orcs are actually fictional monsters that may have originated with Beowulf and then expanded on by J.R.R. Tolkien in his stories about Middle-Earth. J.R.R. Tolkien compared Orcs with Goblins and suggested that Goblins and Orcs are one and the same. Many science fiction writers and fantasy writers separate Orcs from Goblins, elves, gnomes, etc. Many writers allow Orcs to be their own race. It is also suggested by various writers that Orcs are the sworn enemies of elves.

Before I talk about a real life Orc, let’s look at the Orcs in Warcraft and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth.

The green-skinned orcs, or Greenskins are one of the most prolific races of Azeroth. Born on the world of Draenor, the orcs were brought to Azeroth through the dimensional gateway known as the Dark Portal and waged war on the humans while under the influence of the Burning Legion.

The orcs once cultivated a noble, shamanistic society on Draenor. Tragically, the proud orc clans were corrupted by the Burning Legion and used as pawns in the Legion's invasion of Azeroth. The orcs managed to rebel, however, and they were ultimately able to help turn the tide against their demon masters. Led by the young Warchief Thrall, the orcs have reclaimed their strength and honor. The orcs moved from the Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor, and there they founded the nation of Durotar.

Now, the orcs stand ready to fight not for the sake of conquest, but for their very right of survival in their adopted world.

In J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy writings, Orcs are a race of creatures who are used as soldiers and henchmen by both the greater and lesser villains of The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings—Morgoth, Sauron and Saruman.

Although not entirely dim-witted and occasionally crafty, they are portrayed as miserable beings, hating everyone including themselves and their masters, whom they serve out of fear. They make no beautiful things, but rather design cunning devices made to hurt and destroy.

Now here is the story of a real encounter with a real Orc:

Teresa Montague of New Jersey says that her father makes claim that he saw something like an Orc at Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. Teresa says she cannot give me her father’s name, because he does not want any publicity. Teresa’s father says that in 1986 while camping at Isle Royale National Park he saw a green globe in the sky. The green globe made some strange maneuvers and then stopped in the middle of the night sky. Teresa’s father was with 2 other men camping. All 3 men were very tired from a long hike and Teresa’s father was the only one not able to sleep. Teresa’s father heard a strange buzzing sound. When he heard that sound, he happened to look into the night sky and saw the green globe. When the green globe stopped and hovered, the buzzing stopped. As he continued to watch the green globe, it simply just blinked out. The time was about 9pm on a warm August night. After the globe vanished, Teresa’s father tried to fall asleep. He couldn’t fall asleep because he heard what sounded like bushes being thrashed around. Teresa’s father tried to wake his 2 friends, but they would not wake up.

Teresa’s father sat up and kept looking towards the shrubbery and trees and finally he saw a tall figure. The figure was about 9 feet tall, very muscular. The creature had what appeared to be two tusks growing out of its jaw bone. The creature looked like it was wearing some type of fur over its shoulders and around its waist. The creature looked like it was carrying a bright long object. The object glowed green, then red, then blue. The creature had long blackish hair and eyes that glowed yellow. Teresa’s father screamed in panic and the creature discharged a strange light from the bright object that it was carrying. The discharge from the bright object hit Teresa’s father’s chest. Teresa’s father was partially paralyzed and could not move. Teresa’s father noticed his friends never woke up, even after his screaming. The creature came up close and stared at Teresa’s father from head to toe and then turned around and ran back into the woods. After a few minutes, Teresa’s father was able to move again. Teresa’s father woke up his friends and they were unaware of what happened. Teresa’s father’s friends knew he was visibly shaken, but Teresa’s father would not tell his friends the truth and said he was frightened because of a curious bear. When Warcraft the video game came out, Teresa’s father made claim that the creature he saw resembled an Orc. Teresa’s father believes the Orc that he saw was extraterrestrial.

3RD STORY: Denali Pterosaur & Antioch Gates of Hell

I get many paranormal hotline calls and most of them are about hauntings. Ever once in a while, I will get calls on UFOs and cryptids. This one is about a cryptid and it's a very unusual call, read on:

Paranormal Hotline Call. Date: 10/16/2016. Time: 1500 Hours. Here is a partial transcript on how the call proceeded.

Telephone Rings.

Paul: Hello? Paranormal Hotline.

Caller: Yes, my name is Raymond De Sauveterre, I have a story that I kept to myself for a long time and was too afraid to tell anyone, because they will think I am crazy.

Paul: Where are you from?

Caller: Canada, but the incident in which I will relate to you happened in Alaska.

Paul: I will keep this story confidential if you like.

Caller: No, it's okay to publish the story. In June 2002, my family and I decided to visit Denali National Park in Alaska.

Paul: Denali?

Caller: Yes, this park was once called Mount McKinley National Park.

Paul: Okay. What happened?

Caller: My wife and 2 sons ages 19 and 22 were in the area of Sable Pass and we have seen Golden Eagles and we can easily identify a Golden Eagle when we see one, but what we saw was different.

Paul: What did you see?

Caller: We saw a Pterosaur! We know what we saw!

Paul: Can you describe the Pterosaur?

Caller: Before we saw the Pterosaur, the insects went silent, we thought that was really odd.

Paul: Hmmm...I have heard that happens during UFO events or dimensional shifts where a person may go from their reality into another reality. What else happened?

Caller: The atmosphere changed, the blue sky was now a gray sky. The trees felt electrically charged. We all felt light headed and dizzy. Then it happened. There was some Dall sheep grazing nearby and they seemed startled. In the sky was what I must call a Pterosaur. It had a long slim rigid neck, pointed beak. It was 40 feet above us. It had a pointed skull. I can still see it in my mind like it happened yesterday. It had long slim legs, small head and I will never forget those membranous wings, they had to be at least a 6 feet wingspan. The body and wings had no feathers. The wings had sharp angles like bat wings. The creature seemed to be eyeing the sheep. We were all terrified. We kept watching this creature flying in circles....and then all of the sudden...we felt the atmosphere changing again...we felt off kilter...the gray sky became blue again and the Pterosaur was not there anymore. The sheep were still there and they went back to their routine of grazing. We could hear insects again and saw a group of spiders scurry up a tree. I know the story sounds crazy, but that is the story and I am sticking to it and you are very accessible on the web to report this event.

Paul: Thank you for this great information. (Conversation continues on a more private level).

From the sound of this story, either the family mis-identified the flying creature in which I doubt or they walked into a disruption in the space time continuum. Below is an area near where I live that may have an esoteric portal into an unknown dimension, a dimension that many Antioch citizens consider as Hell.


The Gates of Hell in Antioch is located on Empire Mines Road in Antioch. The story goes that at one time an insane asylum was on this property and after years of death and torture of mentally disturbed innocents, the insane asylum was torn down. Also located on this property was a former slaughterhouse. The abuse, torture and slaughter of cows left a negative imprint in the atmosphere and it didn't help when the slaughterhouse owner's daughter slit the throat of her cheating boyfriend and he was found dead on the grounds of the slaughterhouse. These are the urban legend stories of this area. Are they true? No one seems able to confirm the legends. They are stories that are handed down from one Antioch citizen to another.

More of the story can be found here:

On August 2006, I was a new paranormal investigator for HPI and took two psychics to this area. The psychics were former HPI Scouts. The psychics names were Terrence Dodd and Danny Meisner. Danny was from the Antioch area. Danny took Terrence and I, to the location.

When we reached the location, I tried to obtain some EVPs. Danny went past the gate. When you go past the gate you are supposed to be entering the Gates of Hell.

Danny was saying that the atmosphere felt negative, it felt thick. Danny claimed he could smell something putrid, but Terrence and I, couldn't smell anything. Then all of the sudden Danny was crying out in pain, yelling that a needle went into his eye. He was rolling on the ground and crying in agonizing pain. Terrence and I dragged him past the gate to the safety of my car. When Danny recovered, he said he could see himself in a pure white surgical room and a doctor sticking a long needle into his eye, that reached his brain. I concluded he envisioned a lobotomy.

I kept attempting to get EVPs and finally captured an EVP that sounded like a woman screaming. Terrence and I walked past the gate and I did not experience anything, but Terrence could see a building in the distance and he could see a woman standing on a 4th floor window and jumping to her death. Terrence seemed like he was ready to pass out and I helped Terrence walk towards the gate and go past the gate to safety.

As we left the Antioch Gates of Hell, small rocks were thrown at my car and there was no one around that could have thrown those rocks.

I would like to hear from people that have visited the Antioch Gates of Hell and tell me of your experiences at this location. My phone number is 916 203 7503.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Pinterest Account:
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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