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 A Look at Springheel Jack & the Interdimensional T

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Silhouet98 Posted - 11/23/2008 : 4:29:40 PM
A Look at Springheel Jack and the Interdimensional Theory
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Monster Hunter

Paul is having a flashback. Based on a true story. Date: July 23, 1974. Location: Nurnberg, Germany/Merrill Barracks. Porkchops aka Paul Dale Roberts is working undercover narcotics with the DST (Drug Suppression Team), CID (Criminal Investigation Division). I am in a dark room inside Merrill Barracks. Inside this room, I can see a Jimi Hendrix poster and other memorabilia of the 60s. About 9 people sitting around in a circle are passing around a homemade bong and smoking blonde Lebanese hash. The song “Who’s That Lady by the Isley Brothers’ is playing in the background. Everyone in this circle is completely stoned. Someone says…”sit down Porkchops and hit this bong, some good $%it!” Little do they know I am wired and as I hit the bong, I am simulating smoking hash. DST is listening to everything that is taking place in this room, they are having a hard time making out the conversations with music like High Time We Went – Joe Cocker and Black Sabbath is playing. I look to my right and from the bathroom steps out a German woman that is unclothed. She looks stoned too. She takes a seat in front of me. She pulls out a hypodermic needle and injects heroin into her veins. Before I know it, she has vomited over her own body and nods out. Out from the shadows steps out another person, a soldier holding an ounce bag of heroin, he says: “Now tell me she didn’t like that #$it!” I see the ounce bag and I knew it was time to take these perpetrators down. The key words are ‘good #$it’. I speak loudly…”that is some good %^it!” Nothing happens, the DST are unable to make out my words. I say it again. The guy holding the ounce says…”What? Why do you keep repeating yourself?… must be stoned!” Then finally DST with guns drawn surround the circle, everyone is belly flat to the ground with arms raised. This was another successful drug sting operation.

This is the kind of investigation that would build up my adrenaline. This is the kind of investigation that can make you scared. If I got ID’d, my life could have been in danger. I am no longer working undercover narcotics, but I still need an adrenaline boost. I now get that boost with ghosthunting or even monster hunting. Seeking out the unknown, hoping to see something that will make my skin crawl. Something that will take me to the edge of the unknown. Something that will deliver the truth that I seek.

Before I was even a ghosthunter, I was doing investigations on my own. In 1994, I went to London, England and went to the sites where the infamous Springheel Jack frequented. If you don't know who Spring Heel Jack is, let me tell you. Springheel Jack was first sighted by witnesses in 1837. He was described as a monster that was able to leap incredibly high. He could leap from rooftop to rooftop or cemetery fences that were 12 feet high. He was seen all around London and other small towns nearby such as Liverpool. He had clawed hands, eyes that were bright flaming red and witnesses said that blue and white flames would at times come out of his mouth. Some witnesses said he spoke perfect English and at times wore a helmet. When looking at his face, his face appeared as 'devilish'. He was truly a frightening creature to look at. His clothes were described as white oil skin and tight fitting. Some witnesses say he wore a cloak.

Two attacks that Spring Heel Jack committed left England in shock and disarray. October 1837 Mary Stevens was confronted by Springheel Jack and she was kissed on the face. She was fondled by Spring Heel Jack's clammy cold hands. Jane Alsop was also attacked by Springheel Jack and he scratched her repeatedly on the neck and arms.

When I went to London, I made contact with Richard Baynes. I met Richard on the Jack the Ripper East London tour. I overheard him speaking to his girlfriend about Spring Heel Jack and it peaked my curiosity. When I went to England, I had made plans to visit Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Square, Tower of London, Thames River and other famous sites, but when I got to talking with Richard, this is what he told me from my best recollection:

"Paul, Springheel Jack is still with us. In May of 1987, I was looking from my balcony. It was dusk and I could make the shadow of a man leaping from one rooftop to another. I saw him leap across 3 rooftops total and then vanish. I know what I saw and I believe to this day it was Springheel Jack."

I asked Richard where those rooftops were and went with my ex-wife Patricia and son Jason to the locations and tried to determine how long the length of the leaps must have been. I estimated the so-called Springheel Jack must have leapt 10 feet from roof to roof with possibly an 8 story drop, if he were to miss his target. Richard seemed very sincere and I can only wonder what he saw on that day? I visited Lavender Hill in London to see the area where Springheel Jack was sighted and tried to take my mind back to the days of the sightings. I could only wonder how so many people saw this creature and their stories seemed so precise in their descriptions. When they described the events, they were consistent and there were no apparent contradictions. How can so many witnesses be lying? Was it some kind of mass hysteria? Perhaps what they were seeing was an interdimensional creature. I don't believe they were witnesses to something extraterrestrial, as no UFOs were seen during the sightings. It appeared that Springheel Jack would appear and vanish mysteriously. It seems that Springheel Jack was able to enter a portal into our reality and jump into his own reality.

My last investigation into Springheel Jack was my visit to Newark, New Jersey in 2005. A man I will simply call 'John' emailed me and told me that he saw Springheel Jack in 2001 at his home. A man with devilish looks, an outfit that almost looked like a tuxedo was peering at John through his front yard window. As John stared back at this man, it appeared that he leapt straight up into their front yard tree. John went outside with a kitchen knife and looked into the tree where Springheel Jack was standing on a top branch. Springheel Jack looked down at John and John noticed his eyes were glowing red. Chills went up and down John's spine and as he continued to look, Springheel Jack faded out into nothingness. John never knew about the legends of Springheel Jack, but had contacted me after reading a blurb I did on a UFO story, where I briefly mentioned Springheel Jack. I met John at my hotel in Newark and after he told me the story, he never witnessed this creature again. I asked him if he had any other paranormal experiences and the only thing he could recall that was somewhat paranormal is that he thought he would be in a car accident soon and even dreamed of a car accident. About one week later after his thoughts of an impending car accident, he was involved in a head on car accident that landed him in the hospital with broken ribs and a broken foot.

Springheel Jack is a creature that most likely is similar to Mothman, Bigfoot and the black dogs/black panthers that are sighted in England. They make their appearances and vanish without a trace. Perhaps all of the creatures are from another realm, another dimension.

What are these other dimensions?
It is difficult for us to comprehend a creature from another dimension, because we live in a world with 3 spatial dimensions that we can experience in our daily lives. So our common sense tells us that there are 3 dimensions. This is a basic fact of life. Albert Einstein came up with the theory of special relativity, which has been shown to be accurate. In special relativity, time is treated almost like another dimension, so we may consider space-time to be 4th dimensional.

Many physicists and mathematicians, have came up with a theory that there are 10 dimensions, 6 more spatial dimensions than our experience tells us. We believe these 6 extra dimensions are curled up into tiny sizes, much smaller than atoms, too small to be detected with the most powerful microscope.

Consider ants crawling on a tabletop. In their daily experience, they can explore only 2 dimensions, those of the table surface. They may see a bee up flying, or occasionally landing on the table top, but that 3rd dimension is something they can only see or imagine, not experience. Perhaps we are in an analogous situation. Instead of a tabletop, we live in a 3-dimensional space called 3-brane (a name generalizing 2-brane, i.e., membrane). For some reason, we (i.e., atoms, molecules, photons etc.) are stuck in this 3-brane, even though there are 6 additional dimensions out there. Gravity, like the bee, can go everywhere. We call this the brane world, a rather natural phenomenon in superstring theory. At the moment, physicists are working hard to understand this scenario better and to find ways to experimentally test this idea.

So to sum this up, we are merely like ants on a table top, when a creature like Springheel Jack appears in our reality, it becomes surreal and unbelievable. It is too much for our mortal minds to comprehend. Perhaps when mankind evolves into a more intelligent species, we will be able to determine the reality of these interdimensional beings such as Springheel Jack.

Now onto other news:
Shannon McCabe, Paul Dale Roberts & Jennifer Baca of H.P.I. & Ghost Girls & Holly DeLaughter & Chris Grissom of H.P.I. assisted Two Four Productions with their TV segment of "Conversations With a Serial Killer" The Richard Trenton Chase aka the Vampire of Sacramento Episode. All five 8 min. segments can be found on the You Tube link below.

I originally wrote an article on Richard Trenton Chase and Two Four Productions in England contacted Shannon and myself to have the HPI team show them sites where Richard frequented. We took them to Vegas (a nightclub in Old Sacramento), Preston Castle (in Ione, CA) and the infamous murder sites. This segment was broadcast in England on Nov. 18th, 2008 and many English speaking countries. To watch the videos, click on the links below:

See all segments at this site: (Preston Castle Segment Only)

For more information on Two Four Productions UK

For more information on Ghost Girls TV

For more information on H.P.I. International

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
Staff Writer - Alien Seeker News -
WPRT Paranormal Radio - Content Editor
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2008
all rights reserved.
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Silhouet98 Posted - 12/02/2008 : 9:54:59 PM

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