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 Raphael Moran - Creator/Writer
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 12/09/2009 :  07:26:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Raphael Moran
Creator/Writer for ANGST a webcomic
Published by:
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur
Posted: (12/8/2009)

Rich: What can you tell us about your story "ANGST"?

Raphael: The story focuses on a teenaged kid called Travis Moore. He soon realizes thereís something strange taking place at his high school. A conspiracy that is bigger than anything he ever realized before. Not only does Travis have to deal with teen angst but he has to deal with strange murders and freaky janitors and even more freaky parents. The truth behind it all is so shocking it will leave you with your jaw to the floor, so the less said the better.

Rich: What is Travis Moore like?

Raphael: Travis is a regular everyday kid. The one you always seem to not notice on the street. The kind of kid that blends into sea of faces in the hallways at school. I wonít call him a nerd or geek. Just a little lost in life. Sometimes people assume, just because you wear glasses, and probably not the most popular guy in school, automatically youíre seen as the geek. Personally I call that the majority and the jocks the minority. Travis has a lot of friends, they might be seen as losers, but he does have his friends. Most writers always put a little of themselves into the heroes of the story, and Iím not gonna lie, pretty much Travis is me. I grew up as a outsider all my life. Pretty much always on the fringes. In fact I still am. Probably always will be.

Rich: Why will people love this story?

Raphael: The story delves in to the same angst that every teenager in America deals with. The alienation between adults and teens. The separation of clichťs in highschool and just trying to fit in when most of the time people treat you like youíre an alien in society. Itís a real relatable story, with a great sci-fi twist. It has some truly great penciled work from a new up and coming artist named Atul Bakshi, with great inks by Ed Watson. Tim Tilley also provided some great color for us as well and I canít forget ET Dollman our letterer.

Rich: What is's UFO Anthology?

Raphael: Itís Ape Entertainments new webcomic anthology series that focuses on stories dealing with Aliens and UFOís. All the stories range from different tones and ranges of all kind but with the same theme. Its the first time the company has released original content online. So please go read them all. Thereís a lot of fantastic work from many great writers, and artists. Dare I say some of the best comics youíll find online for free. Itís open to all creators, so go ahead and give the submission editor some pitches. Just remember, you can read a new page from the Anthology every Thursday and Sunday.

Rich: Why are you fascinated by UFO's?

Raphael: Well, donít call me a crazy or anything, but do believe there is life out in space. I do think aliens exist. Although I think most of the UFO sightings on earth are probably by experimental government aircrafts or some trick of light. I donít believe they are alien in nature at all. Everything must have a logical explanation. Mankind has always been fascinated with the unknown. There have been so called UFO sighting since man could look into the sky and weíll keep getting sighting till weíre on a distant planet somewhere out in space.

Rich: Would you like to meet an alien?

Raphael: Who wouldnít. I want them to take me to their planet. As long as it doesnít involve anal probing or probing of any kind, then Iím all for it.

Rich: What are you working on at Arcana?

Raphael: Itís a pretty top secret project, but what the hell. Ironically enough, itís also about aliens and UFOís. Itís a graphic novel called FLEE. Itís an alien invasion story the likes of which youíve never seen before. A small neighborhood is caught between a intergalactic battle of two alien races, but the humans are clueless to the events taking place. Itís a grand epic, with lots of slap stick and laugh out loud moments. Iím hoping for great things. I hope everyone likes it. So maybe around next year, ďPrepare to Flee.Ē Thatís the tagline Iím working with. We have a truly awesome creative team. Ed Watson is doing the art. Heís knocking out some great new alien designs people have never seen before.

Rich: Why is the comic "Hope" important to you?

Raphael: Not only is it my first published comic work, but it was for a great cause. All the profits from the book went to help the Katrina victims. So it was a double blessing. I was actually the artist on that story. Funny how life can change you. I always wanted to be a artist in comics and now here I am doing mostly writing. If you havenít already, please do order a copy of the book. Itís still out there and there are some amazing stories in it. The story I worked on was written by Len Wallace, who has a new book called Love Buzz coming out from Oni Press.

Rich: What type of films do you make at Rafe Productions?

Raphael: Well the first film we directed was a documentary film called ďUnholy Matrimony: Escape from a Forced Marriage.Ē The film is a pretty controversial subject, dealing with underage marriage, rape and down right unjust actions put upon a young woman in Pakistan.
I also helped produce another movie called ďFestival of LightsĒ as well which I did some storyboards for. Itís a drama about the immigrants from Guyana, which is where Iím from. Iíve written another movie and shopping it around as we speak. What I want to do is to make thought provoking movies. I want people to go, ďWow, that silly comic book writer does these serious stories too.Ē I donít like to be pigeon holed into one thing. In fact when I ever get the time to do it, I have a romantic comedy Iím writing thatís different from everything as well.

Rich: What is the next or current film you are working on?

Raphael: Iíve kind of slowed down on the film making for now. Too many different projects at once makes me unfocused. Itís just too soon. ďUnholy matrimonyĒ just came out a year ago. Took a lot out of everyone involved. Iíll let my current projects stew on the pot for a while.

Rich: What future projects are you working on in comics?

Raphael: Besides ďFlee.Ē I have another short story thatís going to come out in Skipper Martinís ďThe Bizarre New World Anthology.Ē I have like 2 or 3 more project pitches in the works. My main focus right now is Comics. In comics you donít have to worry about limiting your vision because of a small movie budget. I donít have to restrain my scope.

Rich: What is the most important thing in your life?

Raphael: Waking up every day, with friends and family that support you is the most important thing in anyoneís life. If one day people can remember a story I wrote then Iíve done my mission on earth. Itís the support from my loved ones that helps me to continue to strive to be the best writer I can be. Whatever legacy I have will be for them.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Raphael: Anyone can contact me as Any comic company, movie studio or anyone looking for a writer, Iím willing and ready.

Rich: Any final words of wisdom?

Raphael: No matter how many obstacles you have in life, never give up. Always follow your dream till you canít follow it anymore.

Richard Vasseur
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