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 Michael Kutcher Writer - Claw and Fang
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 02/10/2010 :  1:09:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Michael Kutcher
Writer for Claw and Fang
Published by: Blue Water Comics
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur
Posted: 02/10/2010

Rich: Where did you grow up and what was it like?

Michael: Growing up my family bounced around until we settled in the great state of Maine during a mass hippie migration from Massachusetts. The big movement back then was "getting back to the land" which was fine until we ended up on a dairy farm way out in the boonies. We only got two channels on our old black and white TV so I read a lot and used to pick up as many comics as I could afford each time we made the journey to town. Books and my subscription magazines seemed to be my only real link to the outside world. Growing up I wished I lived in a big city but now I wouldn't mind moving back.

Rich: How did you decide you wanted to write a comic?

Michael: I decided to write a comic after exploring various options to get my story out to the public. A comic book provides the reader with so much and really allows the story teller to create a rich layered adventure. I also love comic art and how often do you get a chance to have characters you create come alive on the page. Writing a comic is completely new to me and I really had fun learning the process and working with Matias the artist and Darren at Bluewater.

Rich: Can you tell us the storyline of "Claw and Fang"?

Michael: I think everyone can relate to the "Claw and Fang" we all know someone who plays online games like World of Warcraft or Everquest. My hero starts out as an MMO video game addict working in a warehouse. Hoping to fill the unknown void in his mundane life, Justin is drawn into the virtual world of swords and sorcery; a past his soul knows is true. As she lay dying the Firewoman forces the eternal warrior king back into the real world when she bestows upon Justin the ancient Shaman relic that controls the fate of two worlds. A relic promised to a powerful demon.
Your typical good versus evil fighting to tip the balance in their favor by gaining control of the Shaman relic.

Rich: How would you describe the main characters?

Michael: Strong. I didn't want weak or confused characters. My villain Noro is evil and only the greatest hero stands a chance to stop him. Justin has all the hero potential, but he needs a swift kick in the ass to log off that damned game and save us. Once he steps back into reality watch out bad guys.

Rich: Where does the story take place?

Michael: "The Claw and Fang" takes place in present day New Jersey. A depressed area lacking jobs and any real economy, the people there need an escape from reality. I think the location could really be anywhere in the US that used to be a middle class industrial center. Those areas are slowly dying and the middle class people who live there are searching for an escape from the daily grind. There is a reason why the popularity of MMO games is increasing.

Rich: What will make readers come back for more of "Claw and Fang"?

Michael: I hope readers get drawn into the story, it's all about the story and all to often with today's comics there isn't any story, I think I have a great adventure that will leave readers wanting more. The fact I have a great cliffhanger at the end of issue #1 helps a little as well.

Rich: Are you a movie or book fan of things that go bump in the night?

Michael: When I was a kid I was a monster junkie. I had a dream of moving to Hollywood and becoming a SFX monster creator which is odd since I was horrified of vampires. The 1931 "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi scared so me bad as a kid I wore a scarf to bed for months.

Rich: Do you have a favorite type of monster?

Michael: My favorite monster is the Alien from 'Alien" A movie from 1979 can still scare the pants of you because that monster is f'ing scary. I think the best monsters are the ones that could be real and make you wonder what that noise really was under your bed.

Rich: What was it like working on Kung Fu Joe?

Michael: Kung Fu Joe (KFJ) was a blast even though we were putting in 17+ hour days. As with all things Indie we had a limited budget and needed to get a tons of shots done in a short amount of time. Anyone who thinks making movies is easy, is sorely mistaken. The best part about the work on KFJ was that we shot it in the town where I live. Getting to go home at the end of the day and sleeping in your own bed is priceless.

Rich: Whats a normal typical day like for you?

Michael: A typical day for me now is: getting up going to my day job, coming home, walking my two dogs, cooking dinner for my Wife and myself (after feeding the dogs), spending the rest of the night on the computer trying to get the word out about "The Claw and Fang" while working on new issues, and then bed time. The next day is pretty much a repeat and so on. Kinda boring with lots of work. You really need to have a plan and stick to it or you can fall off the path and get lost.

Rich: Where does your inspiration come from?

Michael: My inspiration for this story 'Claw and Fang" comes from years of gaming and all the stories you would hear about gamers who lives suffered from their time spent in the virtual world. I would always wonder what drove them away from friends and family. I actually knew people through the game that failed out of college and one who even ended up divorced due the excessive amount of time spent online. I would see people quit and then a few weeks later come back to get another fix. That part always intrigued me. It seemed once they came back that second time they just accepted the fact they loved the game more than real life and jumped into it even more than before.

Rich: Will you be writing more comics?

Michael: I hope to write more. I have a few more stories I feel are worth telling and really like the medium. Hopefully comic book readership will rise but I have a bad feeling about all things printed and paper. Maybe the iPad will be the next great thing in comics, lol.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Michael: The official URL is: which is the best way to keep up on all things Claw and Fang but the best way for someone to contact me would be through the "The Claw and Fang" Facebook page I have set up. There is a link on the Official Website.

Rich: Any words for your readers?

Michael: Don't be afraid to get out there to see and experience new things while you are young. You will will have plenty of time to settle down and age after. That and buy Indie comics.

Richard Vasseur
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