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 Kim Sherman,writer,comic,Fame:Robert Pattinson
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Posted - 02/12/2010 :  09:07:37 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Interview with: Kim Sherman
Job: Writer
Comic book: Fame: Robert Pattinson
Publisher: Bluewater Productions
Interviewed by: Allen Klingelhoets
Field Marshal

Allen: How are you doing Kim Sherman? I have not yet had honor of interviewing you. How long have you written comic book stories?

Kim Sherman: I am doing well, Allen Klingelhoets- thanks so much for asking. Iíve been a writer for several years now, but authoring comic books specifically is a new venture for me; Robert Pattinsonís biography is my second book.

Allen: What sort of comics did you like to read in your youth?

Kim Sherman: Growing up I liked Archie comics; in my college years I loved the edgy look of Image comics.

Allen: Please give me a little background about yourself.

Kim Sherman: Without getting too boring- I have a B.A. in Journalism and my background was as a television account executive before I walked away to stay at home with my little ones. About 4 years ago I started writing for a living; my preference is non-fiction human interest pieces. Iíve talked to a plethora of figures, from the million dollar winner of the Pillsbury bake-off, to a stand-up comic, to the medic of the TV show Destination Truth, along with band leaders, actors and those at the top of their respected careers. Basically, Iím a mom of 3 by day, and I moonlight as an interviewer/writer. Lately, though, the two are becoming more and more morphed, as my work schedule has become increasingly busy.

Allen: What kinds of challenges did you have breaking into comic book industry? Did you have professional training?

Kim Sherman: Quite surprisingly, the comic book industry fell into my lap, and itís completely changed my perspective as a writer. My challenges were quite the opposite of many of those trying to break into the industry- I had to conform my writing style to fit into an industry which welcomed me with open arms. I do have professional training as a journalist in several mediums including newspaper, magazines, online, press releases, TV/Radio and advertising. Comic book writing is just a different medium, albeit more interesting and thought provoking than all the other ones which Iíve experienced.

Allen: How did you find your way to work at Bluewater Productions?

Kim Sherman: I interviewed the author and artist of the Stephenie Meyer comic book as an article for a few of my websites. Afterwards, I chatted with Darren, and the subject of authoring comics came up. He offered me the position, and needed the profile of a Best Seller author. Before I knew it, I was designing panels replicating Charlaine Harrisís life story; Iíve even had the pleasure to speak with her about her biography.

Allen: Whose idea was it to create FAME: Robert Pattinson?

Kim Sherman: It was Darrenís idea. He knew I had a solid background as an authority in everything Twilight related, which is why he asked me to take on Mr. Pattinsonís bio.

Allen: What are you going to try to write about Robert Pattinson? Also, how old is Robert Pattinson?

Kim Sherman: Thankfully, Iím a seasoned writer, so I didnít have to try. ;) I actually did write about him- a synopsis of his life told with an interesting twist. Mr. Pattinson is 23, almost 24 years old.

Allen: Take me through some of research that you did for biography Fame: Robert Pattinson.

Kim Sherman: Because Robert Pattinson is the hottest actor in Hollywood, dare I say the world, there are websites devoted to following everything about him. I have an in depth Twilight background, and much of my research was done prior to this project for another article Iíve written about him. Add into that the help of reputable websites and a plethora of both written and video interviews, and I had plenty of quality work to draw upon. This book is a tangible compilation of biographical information found all over the net, put together in a unique fashion.

Allen: Did you have any contact with Robert Pattinson while writing his FAME script?

Kim Sherman: Unfortunately, noÖ heís a hot commodity these days. I have, however, had contact with those who have worked with him, including Oliver Irving (director of How to Be), Kellan Lutz, Gil Birmingham, and Daniel Cudmore. Our interviews werenít about Mr. Pattinson, however I did get a good sense of his incredible sense of professionalism as an actor through my other interviews.

Allen: I watched Twilight eight times. How much of the 32 page story will be devoted to his acting role as Edward? How are you going to mix in other parts of Robert Pattinsonsí career?

Kim Sherman: Dude- I need to interview YOU- Iíve never met a guy whoís seen Twilight more than once without bribery. A total of 3 pages are dedicated to his role as Edward Cullen. This book is a biography of Robert Pattinson, not of Edward Cullen, and the process of each of his roles- how and why he auditioned for various parts- is an interesting part of the entire picture, making for a smooth transition within his story.

Allen: Who will be narrator?

Kim Sherman: Alas, there is no narrator. But the book is not told in a rote chronological manner either; Iíve shaken things up a bit to add an element of interest, even for the most die-hard of fans.

Allen: Why is this story important to you? Are you a fan of Robert Pattinson movies?

Kim Sherman: After immersing myself in the Twilight Saga, I found myself wanting to know more about Mr. Pattinson beyond his role as Edward Cullen. Iíve watched all of his movies, with the exception of Little Ashes, and heís quickly become my favorite actor- beyond the tousled locks and sharp jawline. He transforms into other characters beautifully, and it became important to me to portray him as a talented actor beyond his Edward Cullen stigma.

Allen: How hard has it been for you to write about non-fiction person?

Kim Sherman: Non-fiction writing is my entire background; I specialize in profiling interesting people. Some are famous; some are not so famous but have an interesting tale for me to tell to others, which is why biographical comic book writing is right up my alley.

Allen: Tell me about how it has been working with interior artist Nathaniel Ooten.

Kim Sherman: Nathan is great to work with. He was my artist for Charlaine Harrisís bio- my first book. I was very impressed with his work, and we work so well together that I asked if he could bring Robert Pattinsonís biography to life as well. Heís a saint to put up with my neurosis over this book, and he knows it has to be perfect. His passion is infectious.

Allen: Tell me a little about what you try to do to allow artists to see your imagined script.

Kim Sherman: Ha- Iíve bombarded Nathan with around 100+ pictures of Robert in various stages of his life. I also scour the internet to find landscapes and places of interest relevant to the bio and to conjure up feelings I want to portray through artwork, hopefully giving him a great deal of inspiration to draw from, literally. And I know heís done a great job immersing himself in Robertís music for added inspiration.

Allen: Are there plans to do any more than 32 page version of FAME: Robert Pattinson?

Kim Sherman: There are alternate covers for the bio, along with a couple of other related projects in the works. ;)

Allen: What is your true hope readers will come away with learning from FAME: Robert Pattinson?

Kim Sherman: Overall, my biggest hope is that readers will have a new appreciation for Robert Pattinson as an actor beyond Twilight and see how faceted and interesting his life is. Not only is he an actor, heís an accomplished musician, and the amount of work he puts into his craft is to be admired.

Allen: What would you do if Robert Pattinson called you? Would you be shocked if he asked you to sign comic book for him?

Kim Sherman: LOL- I doubt it will happen, but if it did, Iíd treat him just as I do any other person whom Iíve profiled- with concrete professionalism. To answer the second question- absolutely shocked.

Allen: What are some kinds of questions you wished you could have asked Robert before turning in his FAME script?

Kim Sherman: He is an amazing method actor- I would have asked him more about how he immerses himself inside his impending characters to prepare for his roles.

Allen: I noticed FAME: Robert Pattinson will be arriving in stores in May 2010. What is best way to get a copy?

Kim Sherman: You can pre-order it on Amazon (which Iíd highly recommend):

Or you can check your local Borders and comic book store- now would be a great time to put in a special requestÖ

Allen: Do you write in any other field than the comic book industry?

Kim Sherman: Most definitely- I write for several websites, the occasional national magazine, and a local ďfirst responderĒ magazine. Nearly everything I write is human-interest related, though Iíve also dabbled in health writing and SEO copy.

Allen: What do you like to do for fun and relaxation?

Kim Sherman: Iím probably not the typical comic book author, which makes for a more interesting perspective in the comic book world, Iíd imagine. ;) Iím a 30-something wife and mom of 3, all of whom keep me super busy. For fun and relaxation, I love to jog with my dog, watch football by the fire, have a few drinks and play a good game of Texas Hold ĎEm, and watch my kids play sports. Oh, and Iím a girlie girl- I love going to the spa.

Allen: What are the types of comic books you like to read at present time?

Kim Sherman: The Watchman graphic novel is my all-time favorite comic and one of my favorite movies as well. And I sift through Spawn comics for inspiration while Iím writing.

Allen: Who are some of your favorite comic book authors?

Kim Sherman: Iíll be honest; I donít have a favorite. I was introduced to mainstream comic books (X-Men, Spiderman) while dating my husband in college- he was always the artist, and I learned to appreciate comics back then from what he read and from his artwork- itís been a part of my life in a remote way for a long time. Ironically, Iím the one whoís doing it professionally nowÖ but he would say I prefer Frank Miller.

Allen: What kinds of novels do you like to read?

Kim Sherman: Aside from the Twilight Saga, which is not the norm for my taste, I love a good murder mystery.

Allen: Are you planning to write more biography comic book stories? What other projects do you have in works?

Kim Sherman: I have a bio for Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and inspiration behind HBOís True Blood, in the works, along with Kristen Stewartís biography. I have two more books in queue, but I have to keep some things to myself at this point! ;)

Allen: What is best way to contact you?

Kim Sherman: You can contact me, read my blog, or read through my exclusive interviews through my website:

Allen: Do you have any special plans to promote FAME: Robert Pattinson? For example: book signings or convention appearances?

Kim Sherman: Iím still in the process of setting up local book signings and possibly a conventionÖ

Allen: Thank you Kim Sherman for very informative interview. I think better call this interview good for today. Would you like to leave with any closing thoughts about FAME: Robert Pattinson?

Kim Sherman: Biography comics are a unique niche and very relevant in todayís society-- a culture demanding the need for instant gratification. In a world where the internet and video games dominate our young ones, the comic book biography is a great way to catch readersí short attention span, give them a glimpse into a famous figureís life, and inspire them to either learn more about that figure, or work hard to reach their own aspirations.

Thanks so much for some great questions!

jazma online staff member

Jazma Member

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Posted - 02/12/2010 :  1:07:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I found this additional information after finishing interview with Kim Sherman.
I knew imprtant so decided to use direct quote from her blog.
Also important to note is that some proceeds from the book will be donated to his charity of Rob's choice, along with a charity ad of his choice placed within the book.

jazma online staff member
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