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 Eric Gean Douthitt Artist for Hartwaker
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 07/19/2010 :  5:36:19 PM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Eric Gean Douthitt
Artist for Hartwaker
Published by: Tree Frog Comics
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 07/19/2010

Rich: How did you begin drawing?

Eric: I could not have been any older than 7 ,possibly younger. I used to draw out of comics, learning from artists such as Neal Adams Batman and Superman. Later on John Buscema was another artist I drew from growing up. Conan was my favorite character to draw at that time. Then there was Frazetta and Boris. After that the list goes on.

Rich: What is the storyline of "Hartwaker"?

Eric: Hartwaker is about a hero, at first as a boy then later a man. Realizing he is the heir to the throne of Maglore ( The kingdom in the story). Hartwaker goes on a quest to reclaim the throne and crown of Maglore from an evil Sorcerer named Lord Grimalkin.

Rich: Who are the main characters in "Hartwaker" and what are they like?

Eric: The characters are: A hero in his own right King Sebastian Harwaker- Dies in the beginning.
Robin Hartwaker- As a boy then a man is the hero of the book very Nieve early on as he learns the ways of the world.
Lord Grimalkin-The Evil Sorcerer who stole the crown of Maglore and killed King Sebastian and destroyed Maglore.( Just plain evil threw and threw)
Phooka- The Goblin who saves Robin Hartwaker as a baby and stays at his side threw out the story. HE is very skidish and scared of just about everything but on several occassions saves Robin from danger.
Agatha and Arther- People who raised Robin before they were killed by Grimalkins Goblins.

Rich: Who else is working on this comic with you?

Eric: Dan Barnes did the writting of all 5 volumes (Graphic Novel)
I believe Aiden Mountfors is doing the lettering. Tyrell Tinnen is doing the coloring( very talented by the way, they all are).
And I of couse I am doing the Pencils and Inks.

Rich: What is "A Time of Heroes" all about?

Eric: A Time of heroes is written by Aaron Smith. Its done in the point of veiw of an 88 year old Antique Dealer, telling the story of the first heroes in the late 30's early 40's starting with Thunderstorm who has superspeed and super strength and invulnerability, fighting villains like a the evil Ramshead.

Rich: Will there be more issues of "American Sentinels"?

Eric: Actually, I am due to do Issue 3 of American Sentinels at this time in October if everything goes well.

Rich: "Horsegod: The Beggining" why would someone want to pick this up?

Eric: Its a very different story of good versus evil. The first issue is introducing a very different hero who is able to transform into a creature dubbed Horsegod- An Amalgamation of horses real and imagined. He can transform into and arrangement he desires. HE searches the world for creatures like himself that arn't trying to kill him.

Rich: Do you have any ideas for other comics?

Eric: I have a few here and there: Reivonklau: The life of a Sorcerer for one. The first issue is presently written and I have already started penciling. Its a story that is constantly building.
The Seer- which is my first Female lead story who is kind of a cross between Witchblade and Buffy the vampire slayer. She is fighting Aliens and werewolves, vampires and anything else that goes bump in the night.

Rich: What are the pros and cons of self publishing?

Eric: Pros of self publishing is you get your comics out there faster and with the right Promotion can really be very lucrative financially as well as boosting the artists career. The con is it is a lot of work besides doing the artwork you are doing your own promoting of the book. So I guess the addage it can make or break an artists career fits the bill in this case.

Rich: Would you like to work for Marvel or DC and why or why not?

Eric: It is one of many dreams of mine (and probably every comics artist on the face of the planet) is to do work for Marvel or DC or any company that is financially stable to where I would not need a non art job.

Rich: What is a typical day for you?

Eric: At this point I get up, have coffee, check and answer email. Read the next page of whatever script I happen to be working on. Work on what ever I am doing inking or penciling, get it scanned(one end of the page then the other)send it to the writer (by email)for approval(I do this for everyone, once its inked I can't change it.
and move on with out missing a beat to the next page. I have a family so I try to make time in between for them as well when I need a break or need time away.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Eric: You can email me at or contact me threw my site at

Rich: Any final words of wisdom?

Eric: Its cleche but You got to learn to walk before you learn to run. Always be aware of the world around you. Study and draw all the time and never forget to have fun. IF you are not having fun its not worth doing. The money comes in time.

Richard Vasseur
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