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 Dave Hedmark Artist from Ape Entertainment
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 02/23/2011 :  3:24:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Dave Hedmark
Artist for Dream Reavers & Steampunk Ranger
Published by: Ape Entertainment
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 23/02/2011

Rich: Why did you want to draw comics?

Dave: I've all ways loved drawing. One thing I think is great about comics is you can do absolutely anything, you can go anywhere your mind can take you. The possibilities are limitless.

Rich: What do you think of Otomo Katsuhiro and Jim Lee?

Dave: Otomo is one of my favorite story tellers. I think Akira was the first Japanese comic I ever read. I like Otomos sense of drama and the rich environments he creates. Domu was another good one. Jim lee was the guy I emulated when I was in High school he's an awesome artist. I'm also into John Buscema, Alfredo Alcala, Marc Silvestri, and Todd Mcfarlane.

Rich: What is "Dream Reavers" storyline?

Dave: It's probably the most unique comic series that will be coming out this year. In a industry dominated by super heroes, zombies, and aliens, we're doing something totally outside of the box. The most simplest way to describe it is that it's "Inception meets Wizard of Oz." It's a epic interconnecting story of four extraordinary teenagers, who on their 16th birthday have suddenly gone into a mysterious, traumatic coma.

We soon find out these kids have been recruited into a war in a other world called Astral. This is a place in between life and death. Only those who can travel beyond the veil of dreams can enter it. In this world, mankind's dreams are controlled by two beings. The Spooks are the creatures that feed off human fear and creates the nightmares and evil thoughts of man. The Sprites are the creatures that fulfill human desire and fantasy.

For reasons you'll find out from the series, the Spooks have taken over Astral and now their influence has creeped into the real world. War and crime are starting to dominate the world more viciously. As these kids uncover their true destiny, we inter cut with various stories in the real world, like a hostage situation in the jungle, and a mental ward riot, and how these two situations relate to the lives of these teens.

Rich: You drew the dream sequence in Dream Reavers # 3 how was that experience?

Dave: That was a great experience. Raph is a fantastic writer, very creative, and open to my many ideas.

Rich: Do you like to draw zombies?

Dave: Only from a safe distance or if I'm well armed.

Rich: What are the main characteristics you give to the main characters in "Dream Reavers"?

Dave: Above all else they have to be dramatic. I try to think what the character is thinking in that situation and draw it.

Rich: What is "Steampunk Ranger" all about?

Dave: What happens when you mix a Sergio Leone revenge western, with a steampunk world and a dash of time travel? That's basically what Steampunk Ranger is. Jack August was a fugitive in the 22nd century that traveled to the past to escape the law. Retiring to live a simple life with his new found love and becoming a step father to her child, he wanted to live out the rest of his live just fading into history... but then again we wouldn't have a story if that happened. His new life is shattered when disfigured criminals called the Crabbe brothers kill his new love, steal his technology and leave him for dead in the desert. After stealing the clothes of a dead Texas Ranger, he transforms himself into a mysterious steampunk powered gunslinger out to get revenge on those that wronged him.

This event alone alters the course of history when the industrial revolution gets kick started 20 years too soon. The west becomes a steampunk powered landscape and the mysterious Ranger is out to stop the new industrial revolution at all cost.

Rich: Who is your favorite character to draw in "Steampunk Ranger"?

Dave: Jack August crushing his enemies with an iron fist, literally. Of course another important element of steampunk Ranger is the technology. I get a kick out of designing steam powered contraptions and there are a lot of them.

Rich: What does steampunk mean to how you draw the comic?

Dave: It's all about a an alternate history with fantastic steam powered technology of every description. I draw elements from Jules Vern stories, mechanical antiquity, and Neo-Victorianism.

Rich: What makes an artist a great artist?

Dave: Artists that appeal to me have a good sense of dramatic storytelling coupled with excellent draftsmanship skills and a trademark style. But If your an artist than your automatically great in my book.

Rich: What future projects do you have coming up?

Dave: In adition to Steampunk Ranger I'm also working on a short story for Bizarre New World and I also have a some other exciting projects I can't talk about yet.

Rich: Do you ever imagine yourself as any of the characters you draw?

Dave: Defiantly. Thant's one thing I think is great about drawing comics. You as the artist are right down in the action jumping rooftop to rooftop, fighting alien creatures from zortron whatever the script calls for. You've got to put yourself in the shoes of the characters in order for the reader to believe it too.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Dave: You can contact me via facebook and twitter I also have a deviantart page so check me out and drop me a line.

Rich: Any words for those that pick up your comics?

Dave: Thank you! If you have half as much fun reading them as I have drawing them then your in for real a treat. Check out Dream Reavers, Steampunk Ranger, Bizarre New World and be prepared for what comes next.

Richard Vasseur
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