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 Message From The President
 MFTP 4/15/11 Vol 15 #128
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Jazma President

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Posted - 04/14/2011 :  3:59:09 PM  Show Profile  Visit Silhouet98's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share
Message from the President
Paul’s Incoherent Ramblings
Jazma Universe Online!
4/15/2011 Vol 15 #128
Next Issue: June 15, 2011 Vol 15 #129

Title: Asyum Ink # 1 Aug '10
Publisher: Jason Moseer
Written by: various
Art by: various
Cover by: Katie Deadan
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comment: "Shock Therapy" provides some awesomely disturbing art. Logan Knight's Dark Angel is a masterpiece of dark horror. Gracjana Zielinska's Zombie Swamp is a beautifully done illustration of the undead. Elena Dudima's Tormenta has a beautiful and deadly woman with the most dark gothic backgrounds that will leave you breathless. There are many more drawings as well.
"Patient Screenings" this is a review of horror movies. Something for everyone here.
"Clinical Trials" this section contains the comics. "False Pretenses" is Written by Robert Heske, Art by Zeu and Lettering by Alain Norte. This is a cute short story about the danger of online dating.
"Ellum Blood Red Snow # 1" is Written by Matt Krizan and Art by Jason Moser. A couple of people investigate a murder. The investigation leads to a church where who knows what is happening? But there is danger. The characters are interesting.
"The Bar Hopper" by B. Alex Thompson & Ezquiel Pineda. A cute tale of lust and love. Love conquers all and here it does as a husband loves his wife no matter what. Great looking art as well.
"Featured Patient" has Katie Deegan featured here, she is a artist. Her Sisters illustration has a haunting quality to it. It is hard to look away from. Palece is a realistic piece that almost seems alive.
"Isolation Ward" has a story Written by Josh Osborne "The Girl and the Crow." The story moves along nicely and is Written well. The only problem is the ending. It really doesn't make sense.
"Self Medication" has some nice receipes for drinks. Yes alcholic drinks.
"PSych Eval" this offers some reviews of comics with a dark side.
"Confiscated Items" a look at some rather unique items. You have to see them to fully appreciate them.
This is a wonderfully dark magazine full of material that is sure to entertain and maybe disturb you as well.

Title: Asyum Ink # 2 Oct '10
Publisher: Jason Moseer
Written by: various
Art by: various
Cover by: Carl Chalupa
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: "Shock Therapy" features dark art with beauty. Elena Dudina does "La loba" an erotic illustration of a woman who is more than human. "Una noche mas" by Elena Dudina shows a gothic beauty in shades of green. "Beautiful Haunting" by Logan Knight has such wonderful detail.
"Patient Screenings" have lots of movie reviews. These movies will scare you.
"Clinical Trials" is the comic book section here. "Zombie Attack" is Written by Bart A. Thompson, Art and Letters by Steven Yarbrough. This tale is how a practical joke can get out of hand. Be careful who you plat them on.
"Featured Patient" has artist Carl Chalupa featured. His female vampire is sexy, beautiful and horrific. His photo art is gross, they look like scenes from horror movies.
"Isolation Ward" has a short story Written by Alex Ness. We follow along as Agent trent Gullickson observes a zombie herd. They function as one like a hive. This is a definite new way of looking at zombies.
"Walking The Dog" is a story by Rick McQuiston. This story is about George who notices a dog and his master. There is something weird about them. It starts out a great written horror story but the ending makes no sense.
"Price To Pay" is Written by Brittany Kay. This story has a lovely twist to it that you will not see coming. It is a chilling tale.
"Self Medication" here is a list of some devish alcholic beverages.
"Night Terrors" is all about this is a haunted house done to the extreme. Beautifully horrorific images accompany this story.
"Terror Time" shows off a suburban haunted house. A lot of work went into its creation.
"Psych Eval" reviews here of comic, game and a musical all with a horror theme.
"Acoustic Therapy" a look at the Russian Gothic metal band Blackthorn.
"Confiscated Items" this section is filled with weird items you are not likely to see anywhere else.
This is a fantastic collection of horror. It is guareented to scare you.

Title: Asyum Ink # 3 Dec '10
Publisher: Jason Moseer
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover: Melissa Petre
Price: free online & $ 1.00 for PDF
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: "Shock Therapy" this is a visual delight of the horrific. Innocence by artist Zullateck is a strange picture with a touch of evil. Skull Girl by artist Jorge Monreal Forcada, she looks cute and weird at the same time. Speak No Evil by artist Logan Knight is a haunting girl.
"Patient Screenings" has some short movie reviews of horror films. Ginger Snaps is one great movie. They are right on in saying it is very creative.
"Clinical Trials" has a comic story "If You Can't Beat Them..." with Script by Brady Sullivan, Art by Chris Martinez and Letters by Jon Del Arruz. The story does not make much sense. The art has way to much filler in it so it is filled with black filler.
"Featured Patient" features the art of Carlate (Melissa Petre). She is a model, artist and Photo Editor. She is also one very beautiful woman. She does have a touch of the macabre to her.
"Isolation Ward" here we have a short story entitled "Midnight Weapon in History! Toyko Admits Heavy Damage". The story has actual photos from the war and use of the atomic bomb. This is a tale of how the war could have went. It is not pleasant.
"Q&A" is written by Brian Rowe. Theo Hawsen an aging filmmaker of a 1975 slasher classic, Chainsaw Murders, presents it to a theatre audience. One fan though stands out and catches the filmmakers attention. We see how one fan can become to much of a fan.
"Self Medication" is a few receipes of an alcholic nature, a few drinks to relax with.
"Psych Eval" is a review of "Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures" it gets a high "Thud" review.
The game "Transformers: War of Cybertron" gets a high review. Lots of fast paced hard hitting action.
"Splice" the movie is reviewed by Amber Tejeda. It is for people that like weird and nasty.
"Acoustic Therapy" talks about Arcane Grail a band whose music is described as 'Symphonic Extreme Metal Art'.
"Confiscated Items" there are a few really weird items shown here.
This magazine is full of the weird and strange. You don't have to be weird and strange to read and enjoy it but it wouldn't hurt.

Title: Asyum Ink # 4 Feb '11
Publisher: Jason Moseer
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover by: Logan Knight
Price: free online & $ 1.00 for PDF
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: "Shock Therapy" is a collection of horror and fantasy art pieces. "Abinsidiss diaboli" by Muriel D. looks old style gothic with a lovely touch of evil. Also "The Raven Queen" by Muriel D. is another art masterpiece with an atmosphere of evil.
"Patient Screenings" has some recommendations to read. "Nightbreed" is a great choice by Clive Barker.
"Featured Patient" features artist Logan Knight. "Growing Fantasy" is a beautiful rendition of a female and plants with a gothic look. He does know how to combine females and horror as is seen in a number of his illustrations.
"Isolation Ward" this section has a story entitled "Abhorrent" it is Written by Lucas Mangum. This is a short sick story of a son's love for his mother.
"Self Medication" is a listing of some exotically named alcholic drinks.
"Psych Eval" does a review of Batman: Arkham Asylum it is well written by george Blue. The graphics in the pictures look amazing.
"Confiscated Items" has some unique pictures of items you are unlikely to see anywhere else.
This is a unique collection of stories and art collected in this magazine.

Title: Asyum Ink # 5 March '11
Publisher: Jason Moseer
Written by: various
Art by: various
Cover: Dave Barnhouser
Price: free online
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: "Shock Therapy" a strange photo called "loss of innocense 2" with model Kayce Daggan by April Taylor. It is a lovely photo with strange elements to it.
"Zombie Shen" is by Jason Temvakis this is a masterpiece of beauty, sexuality and horror all combined.
"Patient Screening" here we have two great horror movies mentioned. The Serpent and the Rainbow and Dawn of the Dead. Both these movies are excellent recommendations.
"Clinical Trails" has the comic "Undead Men Walking", Script by Brady Sullivan, Pencils by Alex Kmeto, Inks by Mike Bunt and Letters by Jon Del Arroz. This is a different take on vampires. Having them running a prison and playing the parts of prison employees. The story is short but the characters grab your interest right from the start. The art as well is good with some sex appeal and the terror of vampires in it.
"Featured Patient" the featured photographer is Dave Barnhouser. His horror still photography at times is chilling. "Terrore" this photo captures the terror and horror of a scard woman.
"Isolation Ward" features the story of "Population: Zombie" by Canace Gleave. In a world of zombies one man fights on. This is a riveting story. The suspense is here, the horror and the never ending battle against zombies. It is a well told tale that is guarented to hold your interest.
"Self Medication" the drinks this issue are well named Walking Dead, Necrophiliac and more.
"Psyche Eval" here Dan Royer reviews "The Apocalypse Plan OGN" which is written by Rafael Nieves and illustrated by Dan Dongherty. Dan recommends it and from what he has written it sounds like it.
"Confiscated Items" here we have some unique items. Q Pixie Doll now this little doll is cute in a slightly disturbing way. Some nice jewerly is shown here as well. Now the Underground Explorer helmet with Canister this is an amazing looking piece of equipment. The Airship Pirate Ring now this is just weird but so fascinating in its design.
This issue was great, the best one so far.

Title: Asyum Ink # 6 Apr '11
Publisher: Jason Moseer
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover: Heliakin Lopes
Price: free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: "Shock Therapy" this section showcases works of art. Rapture is a illustration of a hellish nightmare creature. Novocaine by Jessica Walker is an intense picture, lots of pain in it.
"Patient Screenings" has Pitch Black and Silent Hill as the featured movies. Both of these look like something a horror fan would want to see.
"Clinical Trials" here we have the comic "Immaterial Material Culture" with Words by Marc N. Kleinhenz, Pictures by Giovanni Timpano and Letters by Brant Fowler. This story is not fully explained. Your left wondering who are these two people? A chaplain and god?
"Featured Patient" features the art of Heliakin Lopes. There are some nice artistic renditions of females.
"Isolation Ward" here we have a story by Indrid Passion called "Jack For A Life". A tale about the perils of underage drinking. Necrophilia is not a pleasant thing unless your sick and twisted. This story grabs your interest but it has no real ending.
"Self Medication" gives us some alcholic drinks with an appeal.
"Psych Eval" has Stigmata reviewed Amber Tejeda. She gives it an A+. This film comes with a lot of blood, gallons of it and great music.
"Confiscated Items" some pictures of different items such as a engraved knife.
This is an interesting magazine that anyone who loves horror will find something to their liking in it.
Richard Vasseur

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Jazma President

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Posted - 04/17/2011 :  6:41:38 PM  Show Profile  Visit Silhouet98's Homepage  Reply with Quote
“Paul Dale Roberts is still the President of Jazma Online!, but Jazma Online! is run by the Vice President Richard Vasseur. Richard continues to do interviews with comic book creators, reviews of comic books and his assistant is CEO Allen A. Klingelhoets does the very same thing. Richard and Allen basically keep Jazma Online! alive in the comic book perspective of things. Paul Dale Roberts is now the General Manager and Esoteric Detective of HPI (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International). He investigates ALL things paranormal. HPI is owned by me -- Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe (shown in the picture with Paul). Paul and I now have a book out called HPI Chronicles: Ghosts, UFOs, Monsters and High Strangeness. You can now order that book at Paul still has a love of comic books, but has found out he lives in his own comic book world with his alter ego The Demon Warrior (pictured on the right hand side of this back cover). I know I can say this with certainty, Paul has never forgotten his comic book fans!” Shannon McCabe.
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