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 Raphael Moran Writer for Dream Reavers
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 06/09/2011 :  07:15:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Raphael Moran
Writer for Dream Reavers
Published by: Ape Entertainment
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 09/06/2011

Rich: How did you first get into writing comics?

Raphael: To tell you the truth, it was by necessity. I never wanted to be a writer growing up. When kids went outside to play sports I was inside drawing and reading comic books. I went to college and graduated as a cartooning major. Most of my early years I worked as an artist, from doing graphic design, story boarding and illustrating comics.

Drawing comics is pretty time consuming and unless you have superstar talent youíre not gonna get hired by Marvel or DC. Itís hard to break into the big leagues as an artist and doing all the commercial art and story boards werenít satisfying anymore to me. The only reason I even started to write was to have a second option to get into the business. I wrote my first novel at the age of 18 and wrote and illustrated my first comic story in college. The later of which became the basis of my web-comic story Angst.

When I was a little kid Iíd draw all these characters in my sketch books and created all these detailed worlds and story lines behind them. One day I went through a bunch of these old sketch books and decided to base a couple of these drawings on a new comic pitch. After going through a couple of different artists I found a person that I thought would be a great compliment to my story in Marc Borstel. I pitched the series to Ape Entertainment and before I knew it, Iím suddenly a comic writer of a epic 4 part mini-series.

Rich:Where did the idea for "Dream Reavers" come from?

Raphael: The idea for Dream Reavers went through so many different versions and transformations. I came up with this story probably 20 years ago.

The original idea was this deep sci-fi adventure story that was a mix of the Matrix and Nightmare on Elm Street. Of course when those movies actually came out I had to quickly change the idea. I even had to change it last minute to avoid comparisons to Inception. It's been an evolving process. The last thing I ever want people to do when they read something I wrote is think...hey this reminds me of so and so.

A lot of the story is based off the theories of Sigmund Freud and Jung. I studied ancient myths behind dreams and the astral plane that haven't been touched upon for years. The Astral plane itself has been an idea played around in comics for years, but I think this will be the first time where we put a definite spin on the whole premise. We build a very cool and new mythology that connects the afterlife, religion, dreams and fears all together into one.

Rich:What is the storyline of "Dream Reavers"?

Raphael: Four teenagers from around the world all go into a coma at the same time. Doctors can't explain it and parents can't understand it. Throughout their lives they've noticed strange mental powers the kids had. Some could read thoughts, others can manipulate them. The mystery on what did this to the kids is one of the driving plots of the series.

As the parents try to undercover the truth behind their kids sudden coma, a parallel story emerges. All of the teens dream worlds are suddenly shattered when they are pulled out and dragged into a new world called, Astral. This is the place inbetween life and death. This is the place where wandering spirits and lost souls dwell. Together they travel this strange new land toward a giant spire that holds all the truth.

They soon become pawns in a great war against evil creatures called Spooks. Only together can they solve the mystery of how to return to their world and stop the creatures some taking over mankind.

Rich:What is a `Spook`?

Raphael: Spooks are the nightmare creatures of the Astral Plane. They feed off the dark thoughts and fear. Sometimes when thereís a crack in Astral, they can seep their influence and cause evil thoughts in humans.

For years these creatures have been formless, with only one purpose, until they are gathered together by a evil entity that holds a deadly connection to our heroes. This so called Spook King leads them together to take over Astral, so he can take over the minds of mankind. It's up to our heroes to stop him from doing that.

Rich:Who are the four stars of this comic and what makes them special?

Raphael: The four characters are special kids with all unique mental powers. Nyla is a spoiled rich kid. Think Paris Hilton mixed with Beyonce. She has the power to manipulate the minds of other people. Basically she can make anyone do as she wishes. Then there's Sophia. A Blind girl from South America. People in her village think she is a Saint, because she appears to them in their dreams.

The last two stars are Aaron and Marcus. I can't really talk too much about them without giving away the cool twist. All I'll say is, Aaron can control the very fabric of Astral itself. Marcus can control any dream he enters. Both have spend some time in a mental insitution.

Rich:How would you describe Marc Borstel`s art on this comic?

Raphael: Thereís only one way to describe his art on this book. Jaw-dropping! Not only is Marc a great illustrator but heís a fantastic colorist as well. It's great and sad at the same time. I love working with the guy, but at this rate I know Marvel or DC will snatch him up and there's no way he'll be available to do a Dream Reavers sequel anytime soon. If this book doesn't get him more notice I don't know what will. It's probably some of his best work to date.

Rich:What has been happening with your web comic Angst`?`

Raphael: Well since last we talked, Angst came to an exciting conclusion and the whole UFO line kind of ended a couple of months ago. You can see the whole story and other stories hereÖ

Rich:What is `Flee` all about?

Raphael: Flee is actually my first comic story that I ever pitched. It actually went into production long before Dream Reavers ever got pitched. Unfortunately a set of delays set it back. Iím hoping we can get it back on track because itís one hell of a story. If all goes well we can see it sometime later this year.

Rich:Who are the main characters and what are they like?

Raphael: Well Flee is about a bug Exterminator named Rigby Pinkerton. Heís this down and out loser who gets caught in a intergalactic war between two alien races in his backyard. He basically saves the universe, but has no idea heís done anything. The other main character is Flick. Heís a lone galactic soldier of a dying race who has to protect the greatest weapon in the universe.

Rich:What is the biggest drawing factor for `Flee`?

Raphael: It takes the typical alien invasion story and turns it on its heels and makes it into a funny farce. Iíd love to turn it into a movie one day. It would make for the perfect movie experience, in the tradition of Ghostbusters or Men in Black. The mix of sci-fi and comedy. Probably the funniest thing I'll ever write.

Rich:What is your part in `Sky Patrol`?

Raphael: That is a little story I wrote for Skipper Martinís Bizarre New World anthology. Iím hoping it sees print sometime soon. Iím really proud of it. Itís a great story set in that universe where most of the population of the world is able to literally fly. It reunited me with my Angst Artist Atul Bakshi.

Rich:What will you be working on next?

Raphael: Oh man, thereís so many projects in development, my head is spinning. Of course if Dream Reavers does well Iíll do a sequel. I have at least 6 mini series planned, so I hope all you guys buy a copy of the first mini to make sure that sequels happen. The best is yet to come.

If I ever get Flee done, Iíd love to do a sequel to that as well. I have a new project called Steam Punk Ranger. It's about a time travelling outlaw that gets stuck in the past and unwillingly becomes a western hero. Dave Hedmark is supplying the art for that. I donít want to give away any other details because itís so early until we announce anything. Weíve been in talks with 215 ink to publish it.

Iím working on my first traditional Superhero story. I have a great artist and I think I have a unique hook that hasnít been done before in comics. Weíll see how that goes. Hopefully this time next year youíll see it.

Iíve written at least 6 more story pitches ready to get into the hands of different publishers. Some of them with completed art and some looking for artists.

Rich:How can someone contact you?

Raphael: Any fan of Dream Reavers can contact me on the official Dream Reavers Facebook page and at Any other inquiries can be sent to

Rich:Any words of wisdom?

Raphael: Never give up on your dreams. No matter how many people tell you to quit and no matter how many times you feel like giving up, anything is possible. I never thought in a million years this enthic kid from Brooklyn would ever be writing comics, but here I am. As long as you have the talent, the skies are the limit.

Richard Vasseur
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