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 Kimberly Moore Actress/Singer/Dancer/Model/Cosplay
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 10/05/2011 :  3:49:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Kimberly Moore
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 05/10/2011

Rich: What are your feelings about being in the movie "The Place Beyond the Pines"?

Kimberly: I was very excited to be part of "The Place Beyond the Pines". I auditioned in the Summer of 2011 and when I got an email saying I was cast, I was ecstatic! So far "The Place Beyond the Pines" is my first major film and I am very grateful to be part of it.

Rich: What part will you be playing?

Kimberly: I was an extra. In the movie there is a mansion party scene. I am one of the party girls. In the opening sequence you will probably see me dancing. It was a small role but being part of the movie all together was well worth it. I love acting and I especially love being in films. I had so much fun doing this film.

Rich: Where would you like to see your acting career go next?

Kimberly: I am a very dedicated actress and I want my career to blossom. I want to try my luck on Broadway as well as continue in film. I love acting and am very passionate about it.

Rich: Why do you enjoy dancing and singing?

Kimberly: I have been dancing and singing since the age of three. My family has always been artistic. And from watching them, I knew it was for me. I have studied many types of dancing, from ballet to jazz and tap. I sing opera, standards, classical and of course showtunes. Singing and dancing is a part of me and I feel serene when I do it. Stopping for just a second would be like not being able to breathe.

Rich: How did you get into Cosplaying?

Kimberly: I love performing and a part of that is dressing up and getting into character. My first cosplay was Laura Croft and it was for Halloween. I did not know that it was cosplay at the time, until a friend told me. He told me all about the conventions that I could attend. In 2009 I went to my first convention at Otakon and I cosplayed as Luigi. I fell in love with it right away. I enjoy making my own costumes and portraying the character whether it be from a movie, video game or comic. When I cosplay I like to be different and stand out from others. I don't want to do the same cosplays as everyone else, so I do my own version of the character. When I cosplay I go full out into character and it gives me a great satisfaction.

Rich: You look very beautiful in super-hero briefs and bras do you feel self conscious being in your underwear only?

Kimberly: Actually no. I have been in so many shows where I had to do costume changes back stage, the feeling of being self conscious basically went away. I am very professional in what I do, and being part of the entertainment world is what I strive for. Modeling is another career I wish to pursue and it's kind of a requirement to be comfortable in virtually nothing. The super-hero photo shoot was my idea, and I was excited to do the shoot. I knew I could make it look amazing. I am very happy with the photos and with myself.

Rich: Why did you decide on Harley Quinn to Cosplay as?

Kimberly: I love Batman and it has to be one of my favorite comics. I love the Batman movies and the animated series. It wasn't until I was captured by the Jokers charm that made me want to be Harley. The more I learned about Harley Quinn, the more I found out how much I love the character because Harley was someone I could relate to and look up to as well. I have seen many different version of Harley and some I wasn't really satisfied with. So I was motivated to Cosplay as Harley and make my own version of her. I am very proud of my Harley Quinn cosplay. Harley Quinn has to be the most fun and sexy cosplay I have ever done.

Rich: What do you like about Jessica Rabbit and will you be cosplaying her?

Kimberly: My Jessica Rabbit cosplay is more for fun and Halloween. Hopefully I'll wear it to a convention soon. I love sexy cosplays. Jessica Rabbit is the most sexiest cartoon ever. I love singing her song "Why don't you do right?" and she's a character that is outside of video games and comic books. I have seen different cosplays as Jessica Rabbit and I thought to myself that it is my turn to show what I have to offer. I have never done a cosplay that wasn't video game or comic book related. Hopefully my Jessica Rabbit cosplay will make a good impression.

Rich: Do you get into character when you cosplay?

Kimberly: Most definitely. When you cosplay you are obviously being the character that you love. They inspire you and you can relate to them. I study how the character moves, talks and would interact with others. I prefer to stay in character the entire time because not only is it fun, but a convention is the only time you can perform as the character that you worked so hard to be. Itís like starring in your own show. At a convention itís your time to shine. You never know who is watching or recording you, so you always want to be your best. It's also fun to interact with other related cosplays because you can have your own little moment and really get into it. For example, when I am Harley Quinn I flirt and seduce all the Jokers I come across because I love to watch their reactions and try to get them into character as well. The more you get into character with your cosplay, the more you inspire others to do the same.

Rich: Who would you like to cosplay as next?

Kimberly: Slave Princess Leia! It's something that I have always wanted to do but never got the opportunity. Some where down the road I will cosplay as Slave Princess Leia, but for now my cosplays are more video game and comic book related. Like I said, I don't like to do cosplays that everyone else has done. I try to make my cosplays different and my own version of the character. I love Star Wars and I hope to be a great Slave Princess Leia.

Rich: If you had one super power what would it be and why?

Kimberly: That is a hard question because I really don't know. However, if I had to pick one, the super power I would love to have is telepathic powers. I have always wanted to know what people were thinking. I would wonder what secrets they have and what they are hiding? The downside of having telepathic powers is finding out the truth which could be hurtful. But on a good note, I could be more aware of what people want from me without them knowing. With telepathy I will also have the power to perform mind control, memory alteration, and illusion casting. The power that Emma Frost has I would use for the good of mankind.

Rich: What martial arts training do you have?

Kimberly: I enrolled in Tai Kwon Do back in the summer of 2008. I took it for a couple of months and I love it. I did try to continue Tai Kwon Do when I was in college but I had schedule conflicts with the shows I was in. So I had to stop. I was just about to take my test and become a yellow belt. I am still a white belt. I want to get back into Tai Kwon Do because not only is it fun but it really helps you get into a cosplay character for film and also works your body and makes you fit.

Rich: Did you read any comics as a child and do you now?

Kimberly: I did read comics when I was a child. However, they were mostly Disney related comics. It wasn't until I was in high school that I got into Manga. I still read comic books. I read mostly comics that have to do with Harley Quinn and the Joker because they are my favorite.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Kimberly: You can contact me through Facebook. My links are:
You can follow me on Twitter.
You can Friend me on Model Mayhem.
Follow me on
Follow me on
Listen to me sing on my myspace music profile.
Or if you would like to work with me send me an email.

Rich: Any words for all your fans?

Kimberly: What I have learned and experienced from performing, cosplaying and being in conventions is that it gave me the chance to be in a place where I am happy and can be myself. When Iím at conventions or working with people on a film or on stage Iím actually with people who I can relate to and make new friends that I am grateful to have. I love being a nerd, I love to cosplay and I love being who I am. Comics and video games are awesome and no one should ever let you think differently about them. Cosplaying is amazing and dressing up is worth it because it's fun and makes you happy. No matter how you look or put your cosplay together, if you are proud of it then thatís all that matters. Don't let anyone put you down or judge you for your choices. If you have a passion for something or you have an inspiration then get up and do it. The only person who can stop you is yourself. Take chances and grab any opportunity you can. My closing words would have to be is to always be yourself, if youíre a nerd show it with pride, follow your dreams and never give up.

Richard Vasseur
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