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 Arthur Bellfield Writer/Creator War's Chosen
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 04/23/2012 :  3:17:36 PM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Arthur Bellfield
Writer/Creator for War's Chosen
Published by: Arcana
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 23/04/2012

Rich: What is the storyline of "War's Chosen"?

Arthur: The main storyline in Warís Chosen revolves around James Cummings aka Load! He is a man without a country, due to the fact that heís been on the run for decades after being set up for the murder of his teenage sidekick back when he was the masked superhero named Pillar! James is black and his sidekick was a white kid so when it was revealed that he was a black superhero within a time where most or all superheroes and villains were white, some people had issues with this. Some people being J.Edgar Hoover who was already dealing with the Civil Rights movement and feared the emergence of a Black Messiah. Therefore, he created a splitter group entitled Black Messiah to monitor, imprison, and kill any minority super beings. James got framed for the murder of his sidekick the 13th Kid..and so the country..the world truly feared a planet potentially taken over by black super humans!

Now, fast forward to today! Immigration is a huge issue in this country. More and more illegal aliens are coming over from various countries, and unless youíre from Europe or a U.S. friendly nation your Visa may or may get denied. Thatís just the facts! I strongly believe in the American Dream and that this country is the Promise Land where anyone can live in peace and create a life for themselves. However, not everyone believes that and some states like Arizona are creating laws to target anyone who they think is an illegal alienÖfirst they start with Mexico, than who knows whose next? Thatís the mind state going into this graphic novel..itís a political action story and Warís Chosen is at the center of it! Black Messiah is killing illegal aliens and no one seems to care about it! James does care and sets out to stop them! The book is filled with three dimensional characters with wonderful backgrounds and abilities.

Rich: Who are the main characters and what are their super powers?

Arthur: The main characters are James Cummiings aka Load, who has physically enhanced powers and can give them to people for limited times. Ceara Tags whose powers have yet to reveal themselves. The new Pillar who is Mexican and has teleportation powers, that he refuses to use. His back story ties into the main plot a lot. Remember this story is in part about illegal immigration and this guy has the power to teleport. Youíll love this character! Psyback heís the fighter of the group. He is an anti-telepath! What that means is that if youíre a telepath youíre as good as dead around him. Than there is one more member of the teamÖ.youíll meet her and when you do watch out!

Rich: Which character is most like you?

Arthur: Psyback is most like me, because like him I feel that the world has experimented on us all to one degree or another. Rather itís via meds, media, or whatever creative madness we obsess about. Weíre all walking social ecosystems given form and thought. Plus, heís just cool and kick ass! I want to be cool and kick ass! Lol

Rich:Why use the subject of racism?

Arthur: The story really isnít about racism! Itís about right and wrong! I try to cover both sides of the coin via the characters in Warís Chosen and Black Messiah! This is an election year and some candidates will seek out the black vote, or the womenís vote, or the Hispanic voteÖand stories like this need to be told for that very reason. I live in Texas and I hear stories of ranchers killing people who are trying to cross over on their property..but these stories donít make the news or the press. Why? Some folks just donít care! Now, donít get me wrong..Warís Chosen is an action story and isnít preachy by any means! Warís Chosen is a throwback to when the X-Men told fantastic stories, before it became the watered down franchise it is today! Chris Claremont would be proud!

Rich: How did you come up with the idea for "War's Chosen"?

Arthur: I was in high school and I wanted to create my own X-Men team to be honest with you. Over the years the characters stuck with me and I decided to go for it!

Rich: What do you think of J.C. Grande's art?

Arthur: J.C.ís art is fantastic! Heís a great storyteller and knows how to bring characters and scenes alive. His style is a bit sketchy at times to create a certain emotion and that at other times his line work comes alive and makes you say ďDamn!Ē He was perfect for this type of action story!

Rich: What do you think is the main selling point of "War's Chosen"?

Arthur: The main selling point for Warís Chosen is that this is your chance to read a comic that isnít watered down or made to be a movie or a was made with the readers in mind who want something from a comic that is a mixture of everything that loved about comics growing up! The storyline is fantastic, the characters have their own voices, plus the ending will give you chills! If anything buy this book for the ending, and for the discussion that this book will open up! Plus, Ceara Tags is in it, and sheíll be a breakout character along with Pulserat!

Rich: What is the "Punic Wars"?

Arthur: Punic Warís is a graphic novel Iím developing that came out of some of the left over ideas I had for Battle Eulogy that didnít fit its cartoony landscape. So, Punic Wars will be my Star Wars dripped with African mythology!

Rich: You have published "Battle Eulogy" can you tell us about it?

Arthur: Battle Eulogy is about the ancient city-state of Carthage and how Isis Hannibal who is the daughter of the war general Hannibal has to resurrect him by finding the Seven Powers of Africa! She needs to bring him back to life so he can defeat the Nu Roman Empire. Itís an American manga style book. Three issues total and is currently on sale at Buy it! More news on what Iím going to do next with this book is coming soon!!! Itís a fun book! If you dig manga and anime pick it up!

Rich: What do you have planned next for your comics career?

Arthur: Right now Iím developing a prose novel for Blue Water Productions, which is going to shock the world! Iím also working on a one shot called Negative Influence for Moonshot Comics. Itís to early to really discuss those properties at this time, but I promise Iíll let you know! Iím also working on Punic Wars, which will be a fantastic fantasy story!

Rich: What comics did you read as a child and do you now?

Arthur: I was a huge X-Men fan as a child. In a way I created Warís Chosen as my own version of the X-Men. A team of people from various races and backgrounds. You can consider this my love letter to the X-Men of old! I also loved Spiderman and Teen Titans. NowÖIím reading Chew, Morning Glories, the Boys, Last of the Greats, Red Hood and the Outlaws, StormWatch, and a few other books.

Rich: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

Arthur: The ability to create a clone of me so that one of me could write comics while the other me had an actual social life.

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Arthur: People can contact me at or via twitter @Albellfield

Rich: Any words for those who pick up comics you have worked on?

Arthur: Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It means a lot to me that people actually take the time to buy and read my work. Iím developing and promise to become your favorite writer by this time next year! I donít believe in limiting yourself and your craft and hopefully youíll continue to support my books! Remember Warís Chosen goes on sale in June! There is a preview on Arcana Comics website

Ask your retailer to order it or go directly to and order it yourself!

Richard Vasseur
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