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by Paul Dale Roberts

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 H.P.I.: Haunted and Paranormal Investigations
 The Haunting of Black Butte Saloon
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The Haunting of Black Butte Saloon
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner

Black Butte Tactical Squad

Dedicated and In Memory of:
Timothy Randall Schulz - April 20, 1989 - November 6, 2012
May Timothy soar with the angels above. Special Note: On November 11, 2012 Sunday - the funeral was held at Lincoln United Methodist Church - 629 I Street, Lincoln. I tried to make the funeral, but returned too late from Black Butte Saloon. My thoughts were with Lori and her family on this day. God bless them all.
Black Butte Saloon Part 1
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Black Butte Saloon Part 3
Black Butte Saloon Part 4 - The Finding of the Gnome!
Pictures from the Black Butte Saloon
Shari Aresta's Photos
Deanna Bailey's Photos

At this investigation, HPI investigators get their game on. It's Hammer Time - Can't Touch This!

Mystical Mount Shasta

Note: We did a UFO Hunt - saw no UFOs in the night sky over Mount Shasta - the place where the last of the Lemurians are supposed to reside in the caverns.

Time to be there: Nov 10, 2012 Sat Time to be there: 1600 Hours. Location: Black Butte Hotel: 261 Main Street, Weed, CA Contact Person: Debbie 530 209 2890. Activity & History: This hotel rents out their rooms by the month - not on a nightly basis, so you cannot rent out a room, unless they have one available. Hotel built in 1917. They have a madam's office from their bordello days. Big curtains are seen spreading apart on their own, as if someone is looking out the window. A hooker back in the early 1900s was found dead in a closet, she still haunts the establishment. Entities call out employee's names. Renters see apparitions all the time. People run out of their rooms - a common occurrence. There is a bar and saloon at this place. The town of Weed can also be explored, has a lot of history and other haunting locations. People are heard humming in the hallways. Strange lights will manifest. Entities are heard constantly walking around. The place is ALL ours to investigate. HPI General Manager/Case Manager Chantal Apodaca got us this case! Good work Chantal!

HPI Investigators/Black Butte Tactical Squad Present: Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Owner; Breanna 'Bree' Apodaca/Psychic, Deanna Bailey - Lead Investigator/Driver; Chantal Apodaca/HPI General Manager/ Case Manager / Psychic; Shari Aresta - Lead Investigator.

Deborah Hart w/ Stephanie Shaver


Stephanie Shaver Tells Her Story at the Black Butte Saloon:
Stephanie is the CEO of the Black Butte Saloon LLC dba Historic Black Butte, an Event Hall in Downtown Weed.

“I have frequented the Black Butte since I first arrived in Weed, CA. I began coordinating events with other business owners in the building over the years, and now have been so lucky to run the business myself with my husband Billy Shaver. I have experienced an overwhelming welcoming feeling since the first moment I walked into the building. I am almost embarrassed by my comfy feeling in an old brothel, saloon, and mad house. Haha… Nonetheless I have felt the presence of the original Madame, Georgia Clark, her support of me and events, cliental and everything I am doing has been non stop. I feel her whisper.. “You got this Girl”. I know that sounds hokey, but I feel completely welcomed and wanted by the “spirits”. One day I had my 7 yr old son in the building with me helping clean, and sweep and shoot pool with me, when he says to me, “ I’ve been here before” I ask him, “how so?.. this is your first time in” he says” I’ve been here a hundred times,” he looked just as confident and confused as I was…. I thought to myself… what the hell was my son doing in a saloon in his last life.. then I laugh and think.. Well hmmm what was I doing here? My experiences haven’t been scary, or visual, or anything of the spooky sort… just plain and simple, welcoming and wanted.”

Designer Orb in the Saloon

Vaune Dillman, previous owner of the Black Butte Saloon tells me that a Vietnamese lady that could not adapt to living in Weed, was killed by a man in the hallways of the Black Butte Saloon. Vaune tells me the significant stories of the Black Butte Hotel, they are:
1. Some guy fell in the back stairs and broke his neck. Note: We investigated this area and captured an EVP that says ‘no’, when I asked, did someone push you down the stairs. This entity is identified as Levi Morgan.
2. There was a guy that when tying up his horse at the ‘pit’, fell off the railing and died.
3. Choc Sbarabaro and his wife Helen were colorful previous owners of this establishment.
4. Characters like Joe Bananas – an African American baseball player for the team called ‘Weed Sons Baseball Team’ frequented at this former hotel, now saloon. A guy named ‘Red’ that worked at the lumber mill, frequented this hotel. Note: The town of Weed is named after Senator Abner Weed.
5. When Black Butte Saloon was a hotel, it was known as Sodom and Gomorrah. The town of Weed boasted 13 saloons and 17 cathouses. When the passing train would see red lights on top of various homes, this indicated that the whores were out. Dorothy Manning and Georgia Clark were the most prominent madams of the Black Butte Saloon. In fact Vaune discovered a wall that Georgia Clark etched her name in and he cut out a piece of the wall and kept it.
6. A character of this former hotel named Borgnis would tell everyone that if the beds could talk, they could tell some stories; this is when the hotel was being used as a bordello.

One customer who does not want to be identified says that an outlaw from New Mexico named Deacon Fatlip Smith would also frequent this hotel during the time it was a bordello. Deacon boasted of killing 3 men in a gun fight in Tombstone, Arizona. Deacon made claim that he was friends with Wyatt Earp and missed the OK Corral shoot out by 3 days.

Lorena Starzer & Patience Rossi

Interview with Residents Patience Rossi and Lorena Starzer in Room #15. Patience and Lorena tell me that Patience’s room (#15) is haunted and I did get an EVP in which the male entity told me to ‘go’. Patience hears noises in the kitchen, walking noises. Once she came home to find a sweater neatly folded. Hair dye was spilled on the toilet seat and it featured a face, after it dried. Next door, a man was shot and was found dead in his bathtub. Patience has heard scratching on her wall.

Deborah Hart, Property Manager of Black Butte Hotel tells me the history of the Black Butte Hotel: “I moved here to Weed in 2007, I was staying with a friend and looking for a job. The job I found was being the Property Manager of Black Butte Hotel. Some of the prominent figures that stayed her, when it was a hotel was Buck Owens, country singer; John Wayne. This placed was a brothel back in 1917. Georgia Clark was the owner and she had prostitutes working on the 2nd floor. There were gunfights. Chinese workers from the railroad came through the saloon. Prostitutes would hang out from the 2nd floor balcony to entice men. Some of the activity that I noticed: a) I was lying in my bed, I saw my beaded curtains open up by themselves, and they split right in half and opened as if someone was walking through them. b) There was prostitute that was strangled in the closet in the room that I live in. I live in room #6. I would sometimes feel someone pulling my feet while I lay in bed. If I lay on my side, I feel like someone is pushing me on my side, like they are trying to roll me. c) Donald Lee, a tenant has told me that he has heard voices, bangings on the walls, lights going off and on, when there was no one around. d) I have many tenants that hear phantom footsteps down the hallway, some tenants have been touched. Some tenants have felt negative energy in my closet and then later I learn that a prostitute had been strangled in my closet. E) I have heard my name called by a man with a high voice or a woman with a deep voice. The basement in the saloon was used as a work shop. This was a place that was used as a secret drinking spot, there are stairs that are built that go no where. There are underground tunnels under this hotel, in which prominent men from Weed would go into the tunnels so they can rendezvous with some of the prostitutes. We have an attic that has a door that mysteriously opens. In the stairwell, tenants feel very strange, some tenants feel like they are being pushed down the stairwell. Since we are near Mt. Shasta, I have seen UFOs that look like a butterfly without a head, or a Manta ray, with lights on the wings and transparent. I have seen a glowing ball that was on top of Mount Shasta. The glowing ball grew bigger and bigger and then blinked out. On this night, I have been observing the skies, looking for UFO activity, I haven’t seen anything yet. SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you Debbie for providing us with Room #7.

Getting Our Breakfast On! Black Bear Diner - Mount Shasta, CA

We captured an EVP in the cubby hole, in which sounded like a baby crying. We captured an EVP of a man saying ‘4 unintelligible words’ and we captured the EVP in which Levi Morgan says ‘no’ that he was not pushed down the stairs. We are capturing designer orbs. Some of the investigators have seen shadows moving about in their peripheral vision. Two EVPs captured by EVP Queen Shari Aresta in Room 6 - a female voice moaning and an EVP of a woman saying 'help me', could that be the prostitute that was strangled in the closet?

We conducted a seance in the saloon we saw moving lights in the poker room. We heard tappings and bangings on the wall. We heard female and male voices coming from the poker room. The table where we held the seance, the table moved twice. Two of the investigators were touched on their shoulders and legs. The Property Manager went into the poker room and something told her in her ear.."to get the f out!" She ran out terrified. I went into the basement by myself and obtained an EVP of a man mumbling something.


This place is validated as 'haunted', due to the EVPs we obtained, the disembodied voices we heard with our ears. I have no doubt that ghosts of the past - residual and intelligent haunt this incredible establishment. We captured 26 EVPs, they will be posted at HPI International - Facebook.

Black Butte Saloon

Special Note: Breanna did a kind hearted thing. When we were eating at the Black Bear Diner in Mount Shasta, CA – a homeless man told Breanna he was hungry and Breanna gave him her leftovers. Breanna is a true hero!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International for HPI Stories!
Managed by Staci Butler, HPI Twitter Account Manager
My Bio Link at Ceri Clark's All Destiny Magazine!
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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