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 Christopher Jones Artist for Young Justice from DC
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 01/28/2013 :  12:25:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Christopher Jones
Artist for Young Justice
Publisher: DC
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 28/01/2013

Rich: You currently draw "Young Justice" from DC how did you become the artist on this comic?

Christopher: I had gotten some work at smaller publisher though the usual combination of submitting samples and networking. I had been trying to get work at DC Comics for a few years when I saw an ad that Warner Brothers Animation was looking for artists, so I put some samples together in the style of Batman: The Animated Series and sent them in. Nothing came of that, but I included some art from those samples with the next batch of stuff I sent around to editors at DC, and that actually got me a gig doing fill-ins on the fairly cartoony “Young Heroes in Love.” That book got me on the radar of it’s writer, who was also editor of Justice League Adventures, so I ended up contributing stories to that title.

I’d been doing that for a while when they announced that there would be a new animated Batman TV show. Knowing that this would inevitably mean a tie-in comic, I asked my editor if he knew who would be editing that book so I could try to get on it. Eventually he learned who it would be, and I did some samples for her and got the job drawing The Batman Strikes.

Most of the other animation-based stuff I’ve done was because I approached them looking for work and had the history of having done that other work. That’s how I got the Marvel Superhero Squad work at Marvel, and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

I had gone after Young Justice when the show was first announced just as I had with The Batman Strikes, but was told that the creative team was already in place. But when artist Mike Norton left the book after the first half-year, they approached *me* about taking over.

Rich: Are there any characters from "Young Justice" you have a preference drawing?

Christopher: There isn't anybody on the main team I *don't* enjoy drawing, and it's nice that the focus of the stories have shifted around between characters so I never have a chance to get bored. I'm a huge Batman fan, so I really enjoyed Young Justice #11 which largely focused on Batman, Robin, Ra's al Ghul and Talia. I'm also a big Captain Marvel fan, and I've enjoyed having him in Young Justice as well!

Rich: How does your art portray Batgirl's personality?

Christopher: When she's "on the job" she's athletic and super-competent. She's part of the Bat-family. That comes with a certain level of training and prowess. It's fun showing Barbara interact with Dick Grayson, in or out of costume. There's clearly a history there, even though we haven't always seen what all of that history is. So that's what I have in my head when drawing her, and that informs expressions and body language.

Rich: Who is Lagoon Boy and have you drawn him or would you like to?

Christopher: Lagoon Boy is La'gaan from Atlantis who we met in Season 1 when he was a younger friend of Aqualad's. By the timeframe of Season 2 (and the Invasion storyline in issues #20-25 of the comic), La'gaan has become a new protege to Aquaman and has joined The Team. He has had mystic training in Atlantis that allows him to grow puffer fish-like into a "hulked-up" version of himself. I've gotten to draw him in several issues of the comic.

Rich: You worked on "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" which Avenger are you most you?

Christopher: I've had a lot fewer chances to draw Marvel characters than DC characters so I'm getting a bit kick out of all of them. I'd have to say that Ironman and The Hulk are particularly fun to draw.

Rich: What is the secret to being a great artist?

Christopher: When I find out I'll be sure to let you know! I'd say that if you want to be the best artist you can be, you need to get the fundamentals down first and then practice like crazy. I see a lot of aspiring artists that want to jump right to doing pin-up shots of superheroes and trying to develop a style emulating their favorite comics artist, when they haven't figured out anatomy and perspective. You need to look outside of comics do develop those basic skills - you can always learn how to apply it to comics later. And don't be afraid of photo-reference. Reference is your friend.

Rich: How do you feel digital comics compare to printed ones?

Christopher: I think digital will never entirely replace print, but I think it's a big part of the future. Digital has the ability to reach beyond the traditional distribution channels, and it creates opportunities for individual creators to get their work out there much more easily than having to print and distribute physical comics. We're going through a process right now where peole are still exploring the various potential business models that digital allows for. We'll see what the future holds.

Rich: What is "Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink" and why do you enjoy helping create it?

Christopher: Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink is a series I created with John Kovalic. It's about a psychiatrist for superheroes, and John's writing is really funny. We did enough stories for a trade paperback a few years ago, and hopefully we'll be doing more soon.

Rich: Are there any comics you worked on that had a special meaning for you?

Christopher: Well milestones always stick with you. My first professional work was on a book called Street Heroes 2005. My first work for DC was doing fill-ins on a book called Young Heroes in Love. My first regular series with DC was The Batman Strikes. And Young Justice feels very special to me, in part because of the book we've been able to produce, and in part because of the enthusiastic fan base that's out there for both the TV show and the comic.

Rich: Which comic book would you like to work on that you have not?

Christopher: I'd love to work on Legion of Superheroes or Green Lantern at DC. I'd actually love to do some Batman where I wasn't married to existing designs for the characters. I've not gotten a chance to do much at Marvel, so I'd love to do a run on Spider-man or any number of other Marvel characters. Moon Knight is a favorite that I'd love to draw!

Rich: If you could have one super power what would it be and why?

Christopher: I'd love to be able to distort time so there were more hours in the day! There's never enough time to do all the things I have to get done or want to do!

Rich: How do you relax?

Christopher: Relax? What's this thing called "relax" that you speak of?

Rich: How can someone contact you?

Christopher: I'm pretty available on line. You can email me through my website at I'm on Twitter @ChrisJonesArt, and christopherjonesart on Tumblr. If you can't find me you're not looking hard enough!

Rich: Any words for all the fans of your work?

Christopher: I just thank everyone for their support and ask them to keep reading!

Richard Vasseur
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