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 Paranormal Hotline: FAQs
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Posted - 06/26/2013 :  11:41:52 AM  Show Profile  Visit Silhouet98's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share
Paranormal Hotline: FAQs
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective

Paranormal Hotline Operators: Some calls may be prank calls, if they are, simply hang up on them. Some times you may get 'punked' from a radio station that does prank calls. This has happened 3 times, it's actually kind of funny. I got punked from a radio show in New York and I actually stayed on the line and went with it, because the prankster was so hilarious. Okay, now to those FAQs, see below.

Question: If I want to bless my house, how would I go about it?

Answer: If you have a dollar tree store, go to the dollar tree store and purchase a multitude of angel figurines. Take the angel figurines to a place that has holy water, like a Catholic Church. Dip each angel figurine into the holy water and say a protection prayer to each one. The prayer can be as simple as: "I ask for God and his angels to protect me, my home, my family through this angel." Place all angel figurines at windows and doors of your home. After you did this, then step into the middle of your home and say another protection prayer. This time say: "I ask for God and his angels to protect, me, my home, my family. Any kind of portal in this home must be closed. Any entities in this home are banished by God's angels. This is my home, any entities in this home are not welcome here. God's angels will protect me and banish any entities from my home. I ask God's angels to protect me from here on out, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Question: I have been playing with a Ouija Board, how do I dispose of it?

Answer: Take it to hallowed ground, like a cemetery and bury it. Or take it to a river and toss it into the river, the positive energy from the river's current will cancel the negativity from the board.
Do not burn the Ouija Board, or you will be cursed.

Question: I had my house blessed and it's still haunted, what can I do?

Answer: Contact your local Baptist Church and explain to the pastor, your situation. Ask the pastor to bring his congregation to your home, so they can pray and sing gospel songs. With the congregation, prayers and gospel songs, no entity can stay in your house, there is too much positive energy being produced.

Question: I believe I have an attachment. What can I do?

Answer: Many people do not realize that a fully submerged baptism is a basic form of exorcism. Please get re-baptized and make sure you are fully submerged in water, the attachment will leave. Proper way to baptize: Pray over the water first, bathtub full of water will work. Place crucifix into water and say some protection prayers, ask God to empower you to baptize and place holy water into the water for purification. Have the person that you will be baptizing sit in the water, have him or her lay on their back, say another protection prayer, ask the person if they have any confession for God and if they do, let them speak as long as they want. Then ask the person if they accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior, place arm underneath their leg for leverage, hold the back of their head, ask them to hold their nose and dip them in the water, face fully submerged in water, bring them back up and say 'praise god!'.

Question: But, I was baptized a year ago.

Answer: It does not matter, if you have the attachment now, then you need to get re-baptized. Do it now.

Question: I have a great paranormal story. I want to tell my story, so it can be in Paul's next book.

Answer: Here is my email address ---------, give me a basic idea what your story is about and I will formulate some questions for you. Your story will be published at Before its News and many other places. It will also be in Paul's next book.

Question: They ask you a complex question, like can you explain to me what the Sumerian Clay Tablets is all about.

Answer: Just give them my email address - - Tell them to ask their question directly to Paul via email and Paul will answer you.

Question: I need an investigation and I live in Alaska.

Answer: We are based in California, we can investigate, but are you willing to pay for our air fare? If not, please Google: Alaska Paranormal - you will find many groups in your area.

Question: How does your team investigate?


Orbs can almost be anything. They can be light refractions, lint, dust, skin flakes, bugs, dew, etc. How do you determine if an orb is an actual S.C.F. (Spiritual Containment Field)? Answer: We look for intelligent movement. Case example. One of my investigators was feeling drained, he felt that the entity named Emily was draining his energy, I told him to sit down. I asked Emily to appear above his head. We took a picture of the investigator with 3 cameras and all 3 cameras showed an orb above his head. Next, I told Emily to kiss him. With 3 cameras, we capture an orb on the investigator’s mouth, this showed ‘intelligent movement’. This is something I can deem as paranormal. Sometimes I will place my hand up against the wall and tell the entity to appear by my hand and with a photo, you can sometimes see an orb at my hand, again showing intelligent movement.

Sometimes we have what we call ‘Designer Orbs’. These are orbs with intricate designs inside them, they are like snowflakes, every orb is different, some may even have a nucleus. Sometimes if you enhance or enlarge the designer orb, you will see a face in the designer orb. Case example. I conducted an investigation in Del Paso Heights and snap some pictures in the backyard. I capture two designer orbs. When enhancing the orb pictures, I can see dog faces in the orbs. I go back to the occupant and ask what she has in the backyard, she tells me she has orange trees. I chuckle and ask her what else do you have back there. She tells me her two dogs are buried back there. I then bring out the photos and she looks at them and starts crying. I ask her…”why are you crying?” She is looking at the designer orb photos and says….”those are my dogs!” This is something I can deem as paranormal. The designer orbs she looked at are S.C.F. (Spiritual Containment Fields).

When conducting an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session, I will simply say a few words like….”is there anyone here, who are you, why are you here?” I will then pause and give the entity time to respond. I will then immediately play back…and we may have actually caught an EVP that may say something like….”I’M RIGHT HERE!” I get results instantly for the client and do not leave recorders running all night long.
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