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 Todd Black Creator/Writer For Guardians
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 11/12/2013 :  06:30:29 AM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Todd Black
Creator/Writer for Guardians
Published by: Black Magic Wolf Productions
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 12/11/2013
Facebook Page:

Rich: How was the idea for "Guardians" created?

Todd: Honestly it was just an idea in my idea one day. I had been a fan of superheroes for a long time and I just one day decided to write my own tale in my head. At first it was just a four part story for a "movie" franchise but then it slowly evolved into a comic book.

Rich: What is the setting like for this story?

Todd: Delta City as people will hopefully find out is a city that is a mix of science and faith. They build wonders of technology. But because of that things fall apart. Crime riddles the streets, and when they can't take it anymore they cry out to their maker and ask for help, and they get it. Delta City itself is a big part of Guardians, and will set up many stories in the future.

Rich: Who are Element and Chaos?

Todd: Element and Chaos are the "heroes" that The Great Maker send down to defend Delta City and its inhabitants. For lack of a better term they are brothers bound by a single mission, and they were given powers to do that mission. But we find out there is a caveat to this.

Rich: Why do Element and Chaos want to be more human?

Todd: Who says they do? Ha ha. But serious it's not so much that they want to be human, it's more like they want to learn to interact with them. They weren't told how to be with the people of Delta City, so when they're done protecting them they run away, out of fear of doing something wrong. I find this very compelling, and it'll be interesting to watch them "learn" from the people of Delta City.

Rich: Will we see Element and Chaos grow as individuals?

Todd: Absolutely. It's an essential part of the beginning of this series. Every arc will teach them something. Some might be obvious, some might be a hard pill to swallow. But they'll learn, they'll evolve, they'll grow. But they won't grow in the same way. They're two totally different entities, different beings, they see things different, and they'll take the lessons different. It's going to be good.

Rich: How would you describe Chua Eng Chee's art?

Todd: Unbelievable. He was amazing doing Guardians #0. His drawings were great. The first page is of Delta City and when I first saw it my jaw dropped. It was then I realized this was going to happen. It was sad though when we got done with #0 because he had to leave to do other projects. Luckily our Colorist for #0 Alex Garcia stepped in and for now is the full-time artist for Guardians. He has a different style than Eng Chee but it still totally works for Guardians. Some people might taken aback by the change at first but read on and you'll see it's still Guardians. This happens all the time in the industry.

Rich: What is Black Magic Wolf Productions and how are you connected to them?

Todd: I am BlackMagicWolf Productions. Pure and simple. I wanted my own brand to do my own things and this was the name that suited me. Technically only me and Alex are part of it but who knows what the future holds.

Rich: What can we look forward to seeing from the "Guardians" in future stories?

Todd: That's a loaded question. What can I say without spoilers?'ll meet some pretty interesting villains. I've already teased the first villain in Guardians #0 but there are a lot more to come. I actually have a pretty full rogues gallery for them, all of them unique and different. You'll also meet some interesting "heroes", and I mean the quotation marks. Not everything is at it appears in Guardians. I'm really going to push the story in directions that I feel need to be done. The brothers will fight, come together, question their purpose, and a lot more. I have about 100 issues more or less thought out right now, no joke. If you stick around, you'll see some pretty cool stuff.

Rich: When will future issues be coming out of the "Guardians"?

Todd: Hopefully very soon. Guardians #0 came out on Comixology roughly a month ago, now that I'm in their "system" they say that they'll try and release them on a more regular basis. Which is good for me because I have #1 and #2 done and submitted to them.

Rich: You currently work at the what do you do there?

Todd: is a website that covers games of both the mainstream and Indie variety. We love our Indie Games at TDS, we cover them a lot and interview Indie Developers to help bring exposure to their games. But we also cover TV, and Comics, and Movies. I do a lot of TV reviews, and I write a bunch of features. It's fun stuff. We also do a bunch of podcasts, and it can get pretty crazy, we have a great bunch of guys and gals at TDS.

Rich: What are a few comic books you would recommend besides "Guardians"?

Todd: I am a DC and Marvel guy. I love them both, read a lot of their comics. I love Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Uncanny X-Men is really good right now, Iron Man, wow. But if you hadn't picked it up I would suggest DC's Forever Evil. Bad guys taking over the world? Lex Luthor trying to "save" it? What's not to like?

Rich: Who's powers would you prefer to have more Element or Chaos?

Todd: That's a great question. That's my favorite by far. Because it's tough to decide. I love both my characters. I've imagined myself with their powers multiple times. Both are amazingly cool and strong. But, if I had to would be Chaos, but only by a small margin. I would love wielding that staff and using the chaos energy for good. But Element is also boss so I'll switch on a dime.

Rich: Any words for anyone who picks up "Guardians"?

Todd: Just give it a chance. I really think this is a tale that hasn't been told, or at least not in this way. Element and Chaos are really cool characters, and the stuff I have planned for them I think people will really like. And that's not including the characters both good and bad that I'll introduce. I'm chomping at the bit to get this going full throttle so I can introduce some of these characters. But in the end just give it a chance, and if you like it, tell your friends to take a chance on it.

Richard Vasseur
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