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 Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 02/04/2015 :  08:04:24 AM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade
Writer/Co-Creator/Muse for Nurse Hatchet
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 04/02//2015

Rich: Is Nurse Hatchet a frightening individual?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Oh yes indeed, I would have to say yes incredibly Deviliciously Butaliciously Frightening & yet alluring, in order to entrap the enemies the Nurse uses her supernaturalistic feminine wiles, much like the age old tales of the beautiful sirens of the sea luring ships to their death.
Only I must add, the Nurse is especially frightening to those who prey on the innocent.

Rich: What is the story line of the comic book "Nurse Hatchet"?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Well, the story is loosely based on true events, some very harsh experiences I survived through. Of course it is exaggerated & amplified to exxxtremes lol, but never the less still loosely based on events in my life that i have survived, i don't want to go into detail as it seems inappropriate for this but i will tell you i have survived 3 brutal attacks in my life, which all took place in a row after i had run away from home at 17 years old, not long after that i joined the Navy.

Now, I don't want to give away too much of the storyline the fans will have to purchase the comic to get the full story lol, but I will say this, it is all about of righteous supernatural vengeance. so i'll give ya the severed short version lol, basically it starts off with a Navy Nurse, whom one night while not far off base she is attacked assaulted & left for dead, then a supernatural entity from beyond brings her back & gives her the opportunity to take her revenge on everybody who was involved in the attack. But once the Nurse has indulged & sated her revenge, will it be enough to set her soul at peace, as the addiction to the hunt & kill begin to take over her soul & possibly out of her control with driven purposeful murderous intent.

Rich: Who will be some of the protagonists she faces?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Mainly, the protagonists are the ones who assaulted her. she sets out on a path of revenge on the entire group of thugs, including a few guys & gals in the bunch who brutally beat & attacked her & left her for dead.

Rich: Will there be lots of blood, guts and killing in the comic?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Oooohhhh Yes! i would call the genre of the comic erotic horror, with a touch of dark humor.
I love horror & erotica & i love comedy, so its all in the mix. Lots of blood blood blood, guts & disembowelment's lol, & sexxxtra fetish naughtiness & kinky shenanigans lol.
It thoroughly explores everything i love.
As you might know aside from my work & involvement on comics, i am a special gore fx props creator & soundtrack composer, i've worked on numerous horror movies & productions, including, Night of the Dolls 1 & 2, Slashers Gone Wild 2 & 3, Psychotic State, the Chainsaw Sally Show seasons 1 & 2, the Good Sisters, the Cutting Room, & many more.. as well as band founder/leader of the Mixtress DemonatriX. and honestly much like the comic book, my music as much as my gore fx props are always expressive of erotic horror & humor, i've created props like severed vaginas, severed nipples, testicles severed penises lol.. disemboweled torsos, severed heads, intestines, livers organs & numerous other body parts lol, so im kinda known for my sexxxtra kinky style of gore fx props & in the music & in my band the content is what we call electro erotic industrial horror punk fetish metal music lmfao.. its our own genre because honestly we don't really fit into any particular genre as experimental as we tend to be.

Plus, Oh yes, there will be blood & gore!! Lots of Blood & Gore! lol we are talking about a comic book collaboration between Nurse Hatchet & Lyndal "KONG" Ferguson, the man who's magnificent artistry has single handedly invented & shaped the look of Horror Punk Comic Art!!! Lyndal has done artwork for bands such as ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, & WEREVILSDARE, he did the cover for the comic included with the MOTLEY CRUE boxset, & numerous other horror punk bands, he did artwork on the Rock'n'Roll Comics (METALLICA) issue!! which was also featured on an episode of "Married with Children". One of my fav tv shows by the way, & heres the clip, dig it: lol. Lyndal also drew sketch cards for the official "MARS ATTACKS trading cards"!! I am proud of my Collaboration with Lyndal on the Comic book,& of his involvement on the DemonatriX music videos, He is the official Demonatrix Artist, he creates all the comic/video art imagery for the Mixtress DemonatriX music videos.

We have been collaborating for a number of years now, i absolutely love his artwork, & i feel that the Nurse Hatchet / Mixtress Demonatrix is thoroughly & properly creatively expressed through Lyndals artworks. That's why i love working with him. . We actually met over a conversation about punk music & both of us were very passionate about the topic, next think we knew we were talking & finding we have so much in common including obsessive love or horror, punk & erotica lol, & that set everything in motion, Immediately we began collaborating on artwork concepts for the new DemonatriX music videos I was gearing up to edit, & soon after that followed the Origin of Nurse Hatchet concept, I opened up to Lyndal about things I had been through & my ideas about the character, & so I sent him the basic story outline i'd been working on for years, We collaborated further on it with my husband Patrick D-day Madcox, & together we filled out the exxxtra gory & erotic details lol.

Something else I would like to mention, I'm forever grateful to, Lyndal, because he brought Nurse Hatchet to life in the comic books, with my first comic cameo appearance in Jason BLOKE Crawleys Virus Comix - BLOKES TOMB of HORROR 666! the story "DR.BANG vs NURSE HATCHET". Jason Crawley also created the Lettering for the Origin of Nurse Hatchet comic.

I have had a few other comic cameos as well including one in Ju Gomez & Fernando (the FERN) Ignatius Martins The Horror Viral Issue, i make a surprise appearance at the end, or the "to be continued" end spot lol.. its awesome!
Plus the upcoming comic cameos in "Screams from the Ward" & "Son of 6" from Ju Gomez.

Rich: What type of music does Mistress Demonatrix produce?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade):Wow your questions are in a perfect order i just started getting into this subject in my response above lol, as i always say "great minds kink alike" lol ;)
Well as i mentioned, we like to call our music electro erotic industrial horror punk fetish metal music, and actually the music & music videos bring the Nurse to life right off the pages of the comic book, the content & subject matter of the music is based mainly on erotica or horror, always with a touch of humor. To me our music is the official soundtrack to our comic book lol. And on a completely separate note outside of horror & erotica we do tend to touch on some important human & world issues, including freedom & the state of our country, our world ect.

Rich: How was your time on "The Chainsaw Sally Show" "Psychotic State" "Night of the Dolls" & "Slashers Gone Wild 2" and what did you do on each of these productions?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Oh we had lots of fun working with the Sally folks, D-day & I created tons of body parts, intestines, the disemboweled piņata torso lol, Monique Dupree's severed breast prop, yep that's mine! lol... they featured our gore fx props through season one & season 2, & we created numerous songs under the names: "Hedonistic Torment & Attack of the Vampirates" which ended up on season 1, then we composed mostly all the score music for season 2, the only music we didn't create on season 2 was the intro song.
We also worked on the Good Sisters with the Sally folks aka Forbidden Pictures. we created a disemboweled cat prop & some intestines, plus we created the make-up design April & Debbie in the possessed dream sequence. we have had a lot of fun working with them on several productions, including Chainsaw Sally Emergence short episodes, & Its groundhogs day Sally special, & they featured our props in their 2012 Silver Scream stage production.
Aside from all that i would do a lot of secretarial type work on the side like promoting the hell out of the productions & managing the facebook websites at the time.
I tend to love that kind of work & do it for fun on every production i'm involved on, because i believe in supporting independent film, music & arts, so i get extremely involved on the promoting aspect of productions.

On Derek Youngs Psychotic State, i created score music & offered up some devilicious tasty Demonatrix trax!
Plus i have a few tasty lil' cameos featured on the dvd including the intro which features me & Lloyd Kaufman in segment's right next to each other, which i love! & then i have a couple nymphomercials which are featured on the directors cut dvd.
Derek is awesome.

On Night of the Dolls i created score music & offer up Demonatrix music for the soundtrack.
It features one of the Faust Haiku songs, as well as She Who Killz as the official end credits theme song, which is so cool. I love that they did that.
Plus the She Who Killz music video on the upcoming directors cut dvd.
I love working with Writer Tom Kamasar & Director Daniel Murphy, they really rock!
They are very open minded creatively about exchanging & collaborating concepts, plus one thing that stands out in my mind as one of the most heartfelt gestures of friendship & teamwork allegiance i've ever experienced in my life, Tom & Daniel actually posted publicly to facebook & twitter to the entire world & expressed their appreciation for my involvement on their production & gave honorable mention that their killer Ingrid in the film was inspired by Nurse Hatchet.
I can not even put into words how much that meant to me. But i will forever be loyal to HM&M films for their true friendship. & speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Night of the Dolls part 2, & HM&M films Skull Butcher 1 & 2. which also features devilicious Naughty Nurse cameos & Demonatrix on the soundtrax!

On Slashers Gone Wild 2, i have cameos as the Slashers Inc. Nurse & Recruiter.
As well as rocking the soundtrax with score music & of course plenty 'o' Demonatrix in the mixxx!!!
Director Rob Avery is truly Awesome, a friend & collaborator, we came up with the Origin of Nurse Hatchet comic issue 2 concept, to feature Slashers Inc, the issue is now in the worx.
He is a wonderfully open minded guy, if you have some crazy killer concepts to bring to the table he listens & works with you, and that's something i truly admire about him, or any Director who is willing to collaborate concepts i think that's the best. It is a lot of fun being involved with Slashers! & get ready because after Slashers 2 is unleashed Slashers 3 will soon follow!! & yes indeed i have already signed on.

Rich: How did you earn the nickname Mistress Mary DeSade Madcox?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade):
Well lets just say ive been a mistress & i mix music lol, the inevitable alchemical combination evolved from the 2 aspects of my life lol.

Rich: Why will people love "Mistress Demonatrix-Faust Haiku"?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade):Oh that's easy to answer, Wild Bill Leatherface2 Johnson, aka Leatherface of Tobe Hoopers Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, & the films Talk Radio, Butcher Boys, Jon, Lucid, ect! you are going to love Bill on the vocals, he delivers truly enchanted extraordinary psychodelik spoken word vocals on the songs, plus he wrote all of the lyrics. & i lend background & some chorus vocals to the trax. Bills writing is very powerful Deep & dark yet so inspiring, originally Bill wanted me to do the vocals & this is any part you will love about the Faust Haiku, i was gearing up to do the vocals on the songs as i started talking to Bill on the phone & one thing totally stands out to me while we are talking.. Bill has an Amazing voice, this awesome powerful vocal delivery just in conversation literally he speaks with such enchantingly eloquent style & delivery that it actually occurred to me i want Bill to do the vocals!! and i gathered up the courage to propose this concept to him & honestly he loved it & we both went into this collaboration in such an experimental explorational creative atmosphere & with his mind altering eye opening lyrics & vocal delivery together with the music they inspired, it really shows through not only with in the music but also in the music videos. His words literally inspired everything you hear in the Faust Haiku music & everything you see in the music videos. it turned out to be such a wild supernaturally charged alchemical combination, & we actually topped the industrial, & industrial metal & alternative dance punk music charts with each Faust Haiku song release. In fact, Faust Haiku part 1 was posted to the public on Halloween 2012 at 6pm, by midnight we hit number one on the industrial metal music charts & then we actually continued to dominate the charts nonstop over 9 strait months at the number one 1 spot!! so considering the feedback & fans reaction & based on the chart topping stats i would have to say who ever you are its likely theres something your going to love about the faust haiku especially if you are an erotic horror fan lol. "kinky winks" ;)

The Faust Haiku is split up into 3 parts, the song titles make up the 3 lines of the Haiku, when we unleashed part 3 the complete Haiku was finally revealed.
The remix song titles also create an alternative 3 line Haiku.

It has been so wild & wonderful working with Bill, & there is more brewin' in the mixxx & coming soon!

Plus if you already love the Faust Haiku, you should check out our recent Mixtress DemonatriX tribute to PIL, Death Disco DemonatriX & The Nurse's Orders of Death, which feature Bill Johnson once again in the Nurse's Orders of Death Darker Remixxxez, dig it! ;)
we have more collaborations like this in the worx & on the way.

Rich: Why is Nurse Hatchet a great character for a comic book?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Well in my humble opinion yes absolutely, for a couple reasons Especially starting with the Artwork is by Lyndal "KONG" Ferguson!! I think that alone is incentive enough to add this comic to your collection. Also I think one of the elements that fans will connect with on a more personal deeper level is the fact that the story is not just a story, its actually based on something i survived through, so its very personal to me but also something i know a lot of people will be able to relate to because of similar traumatic experiences. A lot of people have been through traumatic experiences in their lives, from bullying to brutal fights or assaults & worse, it does hit on some pretty serious & sensitive subject matter based in reality. Its actually hard for me to even look at the beginning of the story because i know what it roots from, in a way the comic book is basically like a way for me to fight my demons & lets me express some of the emotions that have come from surviving this. I'm sure this will all become self evident once you read the comic you will really understand.

Rich: How did the character of Nurse Hatchet come to exist?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): haha again your questions are in perfect harmony with my answers lol as i just touched on this subject ;)
Ok, well like i mentioned its actually based loosely on surviving an assault & expressing & vanquishing the emotions/demons that stem from that, the character of the Nurse began in my own short stories, i would write little stories in journals about this nurse who would get revenge on her attackers, of course eventually i began to realize this was rooting directly from my own darker deep emotions after what i went through & so i kinda let the character continue to grow & let out all my darkest emotions & then around the time mind you this was about ten years ago when i started getting involved on independent horror productions, my character didn't have a name yet, just a murderous modus operandi lol.. but when i started working on these horror production sets as a blood clean up girl lmfao & gore fx artist i earned the nick-name Nurse, then Nurse Hatchet lol.. they would call me & say Nurse make up please or Nurse spill the blood please lol.. Nurse.. scalpel please ect ect lol.. then i actually put together my Nurse uniform & signature Mask & make up & bat-heels lol. ^v^ it all came together at once for me like an epiphany the name & the look of the Nurse was created & that was applied to & became the name & image of the character i had been writing about, it all suddenly made sense of some psychotically magical way lol. & Nurse Hatchet was Born! ;)

Rich: Are you a horror fan, what movies do you like?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): LmfaO me a Horror fan?? muahaha ohhhhhh yes i love Horror, i grew up on late 70s & 80s Horror which in my opinion is still some of the best & obviously the movies i loved were a major inspiration to me in my career & in my life.
list some favs .. this could take a

The Crow, Tobe Hoopers -Texas Chainsaw Massacre I & II, Leatherface Texas Chainsaw 3, Halloween 1-6, Friday the 13th (All), Evil Dead 1 & 2, FrankenHooker, Clockwork Orange, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Phantasm (All), Caligula Hellraiser (All), Blood Feast 1 & 2, Blood Sucking Freaks, Wizard of Gore, Gore Gore Girls, Innocent Blood, LifeForce, Puppet Master, hey Live, Prince of Darkness. Dead Alive, Army of Darkness, Wicked Lake, Demons 1 & 2, Night of the Demons, I Spit on your Grave, Fright Night 1 & 2 , Sudden Impact, The Howling, American Werewolf in London, Rape Squad, Midnight 1 & 2,Videodrome, Naked Lunch, NightBreed, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead. Suspect-0, Exorcist, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, Oohhh I could keep going..
oh & i definitely need to include every film ever made my David Lynch! i love Lynch, love his films & im in love with his new music, his albums are truly Amazing, Rockin' experimental & wildly creative, i really dig it!

& aside from Horror movies, I love horror tv series, horror cartoons, horror comedy, erotic horror, horror comics, horror music lol.. i just love Horror!!!
One of my all time fav cartoons when i was growing up was Count Duckula lol.. so my love of horror kinda spans the spectrum.

Rich: Can you tell us something about you that is not known by many?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): Well sure i can lol, something a lot of people don't really know is that i am actually incredibly shy, i mean painfully to the point of obsessively shy, like literally i am one of those reclusive artists lol. i know if you have watched the music videos or listen to the content of the music or the naughty imagery in the comics you would likely laugh & say "shy..?? yeah right" !!! haha & you would probably assume im anything but shy lmfao.. but that truly the furthest thing from the reality, and i can explain, see yes i do a lot of erotic dancing & brutal bloody & kinky fetish filled photo shoots & video shoots but truth is i only do this in my own private home studio, where there is no crew, or audience, i have complete privacy to do what i want & the one others that are there is my husband Patrick aka: D-day, along with my Girlfriend & maybe my closest friends who help sometimes with camera & details. & i create the gore fx in the videos with my husband. But its a closed set, completely private & comfortable enough for me to truly get into character & be free to get totally wild, naughty or psycho lol.
My shyness is not just a regular issue that most folks deal with, it actually roots from the assault i survived, ever since that i've suffered this extreme shyness of people, its very hard for me to be around crowds or crowded rooms, i still suffer from nightmares & all of this as it turns out is what they call post traumatic stress disorder, so i actually suffer from a real disorder, sometimes people think i act strange, they simply do not understand where i am coming from & what i've been through.
On a related note, something I'd like to address which i've been asked before,..
"I survived sexual assault, so why do I do erotic art, erotic dances, featuring & promoting such scenes of kinky erotica or erotic horror fetish imagery"?
My response to this is, there are many women who have survived assault & everybody deals with it in their own way... more often women who have been through something like this will withdraw from sex & sexual situations, & the physical act of sex can be very hard to get into after going through this. at first I was going through the emotions that many naturally go through, when it started occurring to me that if I continue on this way then im letting my attackers ruin my life, ruin my love, ruin my ability to thoroughly enjoy sex, then they win & I didn't really survive, & I decided the Hell with that, I damn well survived for a reason, & I wont let them continue ruining my life anymore, ever again!
I know whats its like after an assault & it can leave you twisted, broken & afraid of new experiences, its up to us to be stronger, don't let your attackers ruin the rest of your life, surviving something like this changes your life but it doesn't have to destroy it. So for me, I look at it like this, Surviving is a second chance to truly take advantage of my life & enjoy it to the fullest, or you can let them win! eversince I had that epiphany I have actually become more more experimental & exploratory about kinky erotic fetish fun, & I am free to thoroughly enjoy with out torment, fear, shame or guilt... which brings me to another point, I don't think its right that sex is so looked down on by society, we are always supposed to be ashamed about our sexual nature & behavior lol, I think that's pure nonsense, its a natural act, we are born with the parts for a reason & that reason is not to be ignored lol, theres nothing wrong with sex or exploring fun positions or toys or role playing & I will not feel ashamed of indulging these things that bring me pleasure, we are given this life to experience it & I intend on thoroughly indulging!!! lol
of course my erotic dancing & fetish filled ingrediants do not always simply consist of just naughty fetish lust & kinky erotica in the mixxx, Some of my erotic dancing is covered in blood, rubbing bloody body parts all over my body & masterbating with bloody intestines lol, I imagine that all roots from the darker side of my traumatic experience & is definitely expressed through the horror side of the artwork & music..

On a much lighter note, some other things folks might not have know about me would be...
I love all comics, i have a huge comic book collection including all my fav superhero & villain collections, from Marvel & DC classics, as well as all my fav horror comics & horror film based comics,, tons of film comics, not just horror, also have a huge collection of Mad Magazine & Cracked Mags, Fangoria, Gorezone, Girls & Corpses, Elvira, HighTimes, Howard the Duck, lol.. oh its a wide selection..
& i collect vintage 70s, 80s, & 90s toys & figures. lol..
i used to skateboard & had a red Mohawk when i was a teen lol.. i don't think to many folks knew that lol..

& something else folks might not know about me... yes i do like sappy romantic films, lol..i am a romantic at heart, might be a little hard to see it behind my bloody mask lol..
of course more often my idea of romantic films would be Wild At Heart, or True Romance lol...

Rich: Do you have any favorite quotes?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade):
First let me quote mi Amigo in the mixxx, co-conspirator & music collaborator Wild Bill Leatherface2 Johnson from the original Faust Haiku part 1 musick video:
"Shouldn't we be Asking Questions...Rather then Making Statements"??? i absolutely adore that quote, Bill has such a beautiful mind i love the way he thinks & expresses himself. ~ Bill Johnson

Hunter S.Thompson, "yes, I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me". GONZO

Jimi Hendrix, "I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes"

Sun Tzu, the Art of War, "All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him".;) \m/

& Ill include a few of my own, for gooood measure lmfao..

"HellO My She Devils & Demons, On Your Knees, & Take Your Medicine ~ Nurse's Orders"!!!

"Obey your Mixtress" "She Who Killz"!!!!

Rich: How can someone contact you?

(Nurse Hatchet aka Mixtress Marilyn DeSade): you can contact me via Facebook or Twitter
, just lick the kink below lol...

& to visit the Nurse's Offices for Music, CD's & Album downloadz, photos, comicbooks, musick videos & more, lick the kinks below...
& indulge thoroughly!!!

You can also find the Mixtress DemonatriX musick everywhere that killer independent music is sold online,
invluding: spotify, iTunes, amazonMP3, ect ect ect..
start your search engines for Mixtress DemonatriX &.. Obey your Mixtress!!!!

You can also find the Mixtress DemonatriX musick everywhere that killer independent music is sold online,
including: spotify, iTunes, amazonMP3, ect ect ect..
start your search engines for Mixtress DemonatriX &.. Obey your Mixtress!!!!

Richard Vasseur
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