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 Tim McSpadden Director "Love A La Carte"
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Jazma V.P.

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Posted - 02/14/2015 :  10:03:50 AM  Show Profile  Visit Richv1's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Tim McSpadden
Director for Love A La Carte
Interviewed by: Richard Vasseur/Jazma VP
Posted: 14/02/2015

Jazma Online’s Vice President of Awesome-ness Richard Vasseur (RV) caught up with filmmaker Tim McSpadden (TM) about his comedy/fantasy movie “Love a la Carte,” now being distributed by the Indie Rights Network on iTunes, Amazon Prime & Vimeo (see links below) and his online dating website “Love a la Carte” recently played the Cannes Film Festival market and received “Most Original Screenplay” honors at the Universal Film Festival.

RV: How did the idea for "Love a la Carte" come about?

TM: I paid $24.69 for it at “The Idea Store” on 67th street and Columbus avenue in NYC in 2004. It was the best idea I could afford. Also, I thought a 21st century comedic spin on what Moses first brought to our attention might be cooler than another ice pick to the head adultery story. Also, I had access to people in “crisis" marriages that stayed together for reasons that were usual more worse than better to explain as to why. Their personal points of view and explanations coupled with my own and a little pixie dust forged the story.

RV: Comedies are hard to make, let alone sell because it often doesn’t translate well into foreign territories as easily as an action movie with car explosions does. So at the budget level of “Love a la Carte," most filmmakers will create films in the horror, family or religious genres. Why didn’t you?

TM: My first time out “professionally,” I wanted to make a movie whose storyline would resonate more than that of something like zombies running around eating people or a girl’s first time on a horse. Also, it’s no secret there’s a big money to be made in the land of infidelity and online dating, so I’m not entirely stupid. For years, I’ve been following the money trail like this one recently showcased in Forbes: . The market is there because the people are there. Not anyone you know mind you (wink-wink), but they’re there.

RV: Is that why you created ?

TM: Partly. I’d be happy with 1/3 of the money that Ashley Madison, Seeking Arrangement or Tinder makes. By golly, breaking even on the budget at this point would be a win. But “Love a la Carte” dot com is also the website that’s talked about in the movie. I knew that when I wrote the script. The online dating company I’m dealing with that runs the site understood it completely too from the get-go. I’m happy to be working with them. The movie sells the website that sells the movie. Dig it? I see “Love a la Carte” dot com as a jumping off platform for where you can find the movie (more places are “in the works” I’m told) and find someone to love, too. I think it would be great if all the actors that were in “Love a la Carte" made a profile of their character that’s in the movie and put them in the mix and mingle with the other “lovers” online at (I do know of one character that is there now). Once I cumulatively reached an audience of more than a billion people, I pulled the trigger on this site. It’s technically a database of real people fictionalized in the movie. But I’ve still got to drive traffic to the movie and the hub for that is By the way, last year I launched the “Love a la Carte” mobile apps (see links below) in order to put “FREE LOVE” in everyone’s hands. So, the “Love a la Carte” love trinity is now finally complete. You might as well “love now” like my site or my movie commands you to. Resistance is futile. My love will never stop.

RV: You break the cinematic fourth wall a lot, use a lot of elements of fantasy and science-fiction in "Love a la Carte."

TM: People who have affairs and stay in marriages in crisis do a lot of crazy things in real life and in their own minds, so I’m told. They also behave differently online than they do in person. I tried to visualize all that happens internally and online in the movie in ways that I could afford to make. That’s why you might see one actor like Hemina Kapadia or Gary Herkimer playing 3 different people in the movie. Script coverage of “Love a la Carte" from a long ago likened it to a sex comedy from the 60’s, but yes that’s one of the reasons the planet Saturn as a vacation destination is in the movie. It’s complete lunacy and “out of this world."

RV: Is there a message you’re imparting with “Love a la Carte” about marriages or relationships in general?

TM: All good things must end someday. As it pertains to marriages that last more than 10-years, maybe that day is your death. Maybe it should have happened decades earlier. Maybe “it gets better,” to borrow a term from Dan Savage. “Love a la Carte” is a pre-cautionary tale about just one marriage in crisis, told from an infidelity angle that often times sinks a lot of marriages, like alcohol or drug or physical abuse might do. I’m holding up a mirror here for you to look into. Now you might like what you see, laugh at it, get angry at it or be too afraid to look ...or even want to break that mirror. But mostly, I think fans of independent cinema and couples will enjoy watching “Love a la Carte" in a train-wreck sort of way ...and afterwards say in a side-ways glance to each other, “Thank God that’s not us…right?"

RV: What’s been the reaction to the movie so far to the people who’ve seen it on Amazon Prime Instant Video

TM: Amazon Prime has been great because if you’re a subscriber there its free for you to watch “Love a la Carte” so you’ll give it a chance. People watch movies because of story or celebrity. We’ve got a good story to tell, so there’s been very kind reviews and some pretty hilariously vicious ones, too. I respond to them all. I thank everyone of them for giving us a chance, liking the movie or apologize to the ones that hate my movie like I hate cancer and terrorism. I appreciate any reviews or commentary. We’re just getting started with the movie here on iTunes: . People in my demo respond to “Love a la Carte” advertisements via their iOS mobiles a lot, so being on iTunes is important because the software app is already installed there. If they don’t have the Amazon app installed on their phone, that ad is wasted - so you target those viewers via desktop only promos.

RV: Is there a political message in the movie?

TM: You betcha! Beneath all the sensuality and salaciousness, “Love a la Carte” satirizes the great immigration debate that has usually puts the state of Arizona into the New York Times headlines for all the wrong reasons. We are grateful to our Canadian friends who have a much greater sense of humor than that of North Korea or radical terrorists. Plus, I don’t want to give away everything but there once was a state of Illinois Governor who upon being convicted of felonies tried to salvage his legacy by saying “but I’ve done a lot of things mostly right” and I put that quote in the climax. I love my horny politicians! They’re great. Especially the ones that send dick pics, tap-foot-for-head in bathroom stalls or even female talk show hosts that write down all the saucy details of their “ankles high" torrid affairs. Great material. One Amazon reviewer even talked about the hidden political agenda in the movie, which surprised even me. We had a back and forth discussion online and now we’re now Facebook buddies. Read and follow along that thread here: — Watch the movie yourself and see if you agree or disagree. By the way, it’s free to leave a review and also anyone can make a comment to a review or respond to a comment or vote a review or comment up or down as helpful or not. We’ve got lots of free clips on our Facebook and IMDB pages. There’s a lot to do in social media marketing!

Tim McSpadden pictured above.

RV: Besides directing what other jobs have you done on "Love A La Carte?"

TM: All of them. Some days I worried more about what I was feeding everyone than directing. Now I’m promoting and selling the movie and now the website, in anyway I can, including pandering to the great readers of your website, Richard! I’ve done plenty of guerrilla marketing stunts for the movie with such things as last year’s election and the Super Bowl this year. That was a lot of fun because one of the teams was accused of cheating to get into the big game. Well, Super Bowl 49 was held here in Phoenix in January. I made an honest comedy about cheating in Phoenix. At the same time, Tiger Woods showed up for the Phoenix Golf Open. Then Brian Williams of NBC Nightly news imploded because he lied and got caught. It was a Cheating-pa-looza for a few weeks! Finally, people were having adult conversations about cheating and trust issues and how “everybody cheats” in different ways and what was acceptable or not. I went nuts in a promo frenzy by connecting a North Korea TV news team with "Love a la Carte" because they were so helpful to the Hollywood movie “The Interview." Fun times. Check these videos out here on our Facebook page: . There will be more crazy fun coming, so just follow us on our Facebook page for the latest.

Photo of Kimber Leigh pictured above who plays Angela Heavens.

RV: Who are a few of the main stars of "Love A La Carte" and what are their characters like?

TM: You can find all about how I described each of the main characters and the actors portraying them in “Love a la Carte” with the notes I first wrote on the page almost 6 years ago here: But my current “stars" are my 2014 Grammy nominated sound engineer Russ Marsden and one of my day players (Raj Suri) produced the winning million dollar Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest in 2014. He said his budget for the contest was $200. Well, I paid him $200 bucks for a days work in “Love a la Carte” (you’re welcome, Raj). I remain hopeful that one of the 63 people I employed in this movie will do something famous like getting arrested for running naked across the White House lawn so I can make a new “Love a la Carte" poster with them on the cover. I placed a lot of bets.

RV: What is the filmmaking scene like there in Phoenix?

TM: For features, we struggle. We have New Mexico acting like Arizona now because of their tax incentives. Even though Arizona has the talent and costs are cheaper, the allure of tax incentives and 25% rebates for employing local people or using local businesses is very enticing for bigger budgets. We hope our legislatures change that back and I’d recommend no minimum spend requirement to get the rebate. I have great admiration for anyone that makes a feature here in town now, especially the small ones like mine because I know what they’re up against. So far, I’d recommend local films like “Cathedral Canyon,” “Speak No Evil,” or “Unconscious” all of which I saw at the Jerome Film Festival here in Arizona. Google them or find them on Facebook for more info because all of them are worth your time.

RV: Where did you learn the skills to make a movie like “Love a la Carte?"

TM: I started first by writing comic books with a friend back in elementary school (I’m a fan of Sam Raimi’s “SPIDER-MAN” series). My friend could draw and I loved to write and I did it often for fun or for school newspapers. Then my friend and I made small films, cumulating in a Super-8 feature movie called “Rage of Nerdwolf” in our senior year in high school. He had the camera and I wrote that comedy/horror and was the main actor called “Nerdwolf." You can find more about that movie and what’s next for it here online: . Then I got a Bachelors degree in Cinema/Television from Steven Spielberg and Steve Martin’s alma matter, California State University at Long Beach. My friend was also named Steve and the good Doctor Mitchell is now a great chiropractor in my home town of Tulare, California with his business here: . Looking back, people named Steve have been very creatively influential and good to me. Then for several years I worked in local television creative services departments all across the nation making commercials and promos for television shows, learning everything I could. Won a few Emmys, got some notice, went to the big cities. In film, I recently did an assistant editing gig for a Hollywood faith based movie about a girl’s first time on a horse. Oh and if you’re hiring, I’m available! Here’s my Linked-in resume:

RV: So how do you spend your free time?

TM: Preaching the gospel of “Love a la Carte” like a boss, son! Movies like mine are usually invisible, so they struggle to be seen. If 5 friends of everyone that ever saw the movie or was in it or had a song in the movie told their friends, we’d be well on our way to several hundred reviews and organic viral status. But most of that work falls upon me now. I understand why a third of the budget for a Hollywood movie goes to marketing. I’m thankful for the gracious support from those attached to “Love a la Carte" that showed up when it was time to promote the movie and haven’t given up on it being successful like I haven’t - and still give it a plug. I have contracts that I’m trying to fulfill. But I understand people get burned out from all the promises other filmmakers have told them, that never delivered. It was difficult then convincing some and still is, that I’m not one of those people. My name’s Tim McSpadden.

RV: How can someone contact you?

TM: Follow me on Twitter @TimMcSpadden or @LovealaCarte on Twitter or send a message to the movie on Facebook here: Or download the #LovealaCarte mobile apps and call me: iPhone here: Android here: or on Amazon here:

RV: Any words for people who have watched "Love A La Carte”?

TM: Join the conversation! I am writing everything you need to know about it here on my review for the movie on Amazon. I’ll explain and answer all of your questions here: The easy part of making the movie on my own is now over and the real work has just begun - and that’s to let everyone on the planet know about “Love a la Carte,” along with the actors starring in the movie and the songs we feature. Take a peak at them here - - and share the “Love a la Carte!"

RV: “Love a la Carte” is an honest comedy about cheating and can be watched now on ITunes/Apple TV here: or on Vimeo: or is FREE with your Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription here:

Tim McSpadden pictured above.

WHERE TO WATCH "Love a la Carte"




LOVE NOW here:

Jama Online this site is quoted in the latest video trailer of Love A La Carte:

Richard Vasseur
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