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 Reviews by Allen Klingelhoets
 The Light of the World by James Rubino review
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Posted - 04/21/2016 :  1:53:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share

Comic book title: The Light of the World
Author:James Rubino
Inked and embellished by Thomas Ahearn
Publication date:2016
Publisher God and James Rubino
Review by Allen Klingelhoets

I felt this story was very spiritual. It was story of Jesus told in one panel pages. It told story from birth to death on cross. It also talked about how Jesus sacrificed himself for all people. It was not like new story. I have heard story many times during my life. It was just nice to read about Jesus in James Rubino version. "The Light of the World" had color back and front cover. The inside story was shown in black and white pages. The text was told in English. James Rubino was able to show examples of how Jesus grew to be The Son of God. It showed he as child gave biblical talks at Jerusalem temple. Jesus grew up and increased with wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and Man. Story talked about how Jesus as Man went into desert and fasted for forty days and nights. He was tempted by evil. The Light of the World also showed how Jesus healed all sorts of people from sickness and disease. I also liked seeing how Jesus once walked past the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea, for they were fisherman. Jesus asked them to join with him and become fishers of men.
What i really liked about "The Light of the World" is that it gave quick overview of Jesus story through his death on cross. It was not bogged down by huge text. It was clear to me that James Rubino worked very hard to make text understandable. I felt great sadness when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus.
I feel this is teenager through adult comic book story.
I also liked how there was 8 page portrait gallery at end of issue.
I do not know exact cost of issue. I was sent review copy from James Rubino. I found cost at James Rubino website.
I did see this information on inner front cover.
Dedication: I am but a sinful man, but even a moth is drawn to the light.
The Light of the World is published by James Rubino PO Box 760351, San Antonio, Texas 78245. Copyright 2016. God and James Rubino. Any similarities between names, characters, persons, and / or institutions with those of any living or dead person is unintentional, and any similarity is purely coincidental. Printed in the USA.
Official website:
Facebook page:
James Rubino Comics

2. Working on review of new religious comic James Rubino sent me.

In the mean time read Paul's review of same story.

The Divine Factor
by James Rubino
Publisher: God and I (God and James Rubino
Publication date: 2016
Review by: Allen Klingelhoets
I did not find cost on cover
I think best to order same way as "The Light of The World" story.

I found this 32 page story to be very spiritual. It is memories and dreams which changed James Rubino's life. It is story how God helped direct James to changes in his life. It is profoundly touching story. I think James drew images for story. The cover art though was colored by Ken Cotrona. The original version of "The Divine Factor" was published in 1982. The story is auto-biographical. It must have been very difficult for James to relate his personal memories and dreams. He was not forcing any of his beliefs on reader. He was like recorder bringing out thoughts to audience. He talked about future. He talks about vision of Heaven. He talks about being humbled by God. He talks about way people treated him as kid as he talked about God. He always had awareness of God. He was inspired by Billy Graham. He also was inspired as child with image of Jesus Christ on Cross.
The actual story was done in black and white images. James always seemed to have feeling of going to Heaven.
This was very rare story. James mentioned God even helped him when he wrote stories. He would read God his stories. They are very personal to James.
"The Divine Factor" is great complement to "The Light of the World". This story in "The Divine Factor" is going to be concluded in "Republic of Enoch."
I am curious how James is going to write next issue "Republic of Enoch". I am not sure when next issue will be published. I think best to go to

New story by James Rubino

Followers of the All "Through the Needle's Eye!"
Aliens in a Hostile World

Basic idea
Future world.
Religious over tones
Conformity key to controlling population through use of drugs.
Defecting from government control was met with instant punishment. I sort of had Logan's Run feel for people. Although Logan's Run dealt with people over certain age having to die to save population that had grown to large to support food supply. This story by James Rubino deals with conformity. One man named Z-32656 felt terrible. He had enough of government mandated holographic projections in his living quarters. He was supposed to not have any real identity. He has a calling to escape pointless society. He is somehow called by voice like spirit or even God. He passed through something called needle's eye and changes his perceptions of life. He feels the illusions of present life be pulled away from his reality. He had been in world where Faith is illegal and the mind is controlled the government finds it difficult to eradicate the hunger for truth and reality the hunger for truth in the human heart. Z-32656 turns into some sort of superhero. He begins to realize who he really is now -- and why he exists-- and what he must do---the mission of his life. This is the warfare on the sickest of battlefields, with opponents who are more real than the mind can bear to accept! Z-3 is no longer the man he once was -- old things have passed away -- all things have become new!
Z-3 states in one of final scenes in altered superhero guise. I have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this! The clock is running out and the cataclysm draws near! Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! And, I must help them --- For I am--- Mr Faith!
Again issue can be bought from James Rubino website. Comic is in black and white format with colored cover. James created wrote and illustrated issue. Larry Blake inked and lettered 20 page story. Issue will be continued in issue story titled : The Defector.

Title: Church of the Broken Soul
Publisher: James Rubino
Created/Written/Illustrated by: James Rubino
Price: $ 3.00 US
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

This is very religious comic. I had to read several times to get full meaning of story. "Church of the Broken Soul" is told through many individuals eyes. Pictures in comic are mostly one page black and white scenes told through each individual. The main idea felt like people losing faith in God. Where was God when things get tough or confusing. Than story is all pulled together with Jesus death on Cross. Jame's tried to say that Jesus died for our sins. I did not feel story was anything really new. It was though kind of refreshing to have story about Jesus coming to Earth to save us from sins. This would be kind of story nice to have at churches. I have not seen many religious comics in last couple of years. Thanks James Rubino for taking time to write and draw "Church of the Broken Soul".

Jazma Field Marshal
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