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 Witch Vamp Lover
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Witch Vamp Lover
By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Enchantress
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 - 4 Advice & Investigations

“Love Potion”

The nameless faith
Which shakes and stirs
A love potion
Is not wasted
On hearts like ours

A witch vampire is a hybrid divine creature, that is a mix between a witch and a vampire. In ancient modern mythological terms, this is a moon worshipping deity. A holy connection exists between magick, empathy, love and desire.

In demonology, a vampire is considered a malignant spirit, which can possess individuals. A vampire can also be someone mortal, who feeds on drama and your psyche for energetic nourishment. In fantasy, this creature exists as an immortal magician.

Dreams between the mortal and the vampire make the psychic bond become stronger, as the obsession grows, quickly turning humans into an easy target for spiritual possession. The passion to be with this beast becomes very strong, until it has total control, over the mind, body and soul. Soon, the victim becomes entranced by the demon and at will, to its every intention. It preys on the person easily by reading the mind and manipulating thoughts and memories. Even when the spirit becomes detached from an individual, it still leaves its deep marks like a snake’s fangs, within. It is at this moment of enlightenment of pain, that the mortal can realize the betrayal of the spirit and safely separate fantasy from reality.

People that are easy targets for possession are individuals that have a strong psychic connection to the environment. They can often enter a trance state very easily and the demon feeds this by offering insight into particular mysteries of the world. It is a mutual exchange. It goes even so far as to further develop a mind, which both the vampire and person share.

If the person is a witch that the vampire has fed from, it is very likely that due to the witches’ natural inclination towards magic, the witch will take on the abilities of the vampire, so bound further, by blood rituals and lust, which is one of the most powerful binding energy exchanges between us. This may cause the techniques to be formed, into those of a witch vamp.

Demonic possession is something to take quite seriously. These entities may also possess other people, in order to become closer to you. It is actually quite rare for this type of haunting.An easy targets for them are witches, who are very sensitive to their surroundings and can easily manifest desires and visions into pliable energy. This does not mean that you must throw out all of your occult items; however, if it does scare you, try to help your psychic abilities go away altogether, through intention and lack of spiritual stimulation.

Baptisms of any religious preference, confrontation and black candle light, all work to dispel the negative entities that may prey on people. You may only banish with love, so the purer your heart is to begin with, the easier it is to make the transition, away from the creature. You will need to focus most of your energy towards healing yourself afterwards. You must take control of your own soul. That is the true will of the universe.

The best stone for healing spiritual pain is amethyst. Amethyst radiates a pure and dark light, which is both royal and powerful. Sleeping with amethyst nearby is the best for cleansing your auric fields. Try to keep amethyst crystals away from the light, as this will fade the stone permanently. Do charge amethyst in the moonlight, for full potency.

Witch Vamp Legends


In the Godavari region of India, there is a myth about a witch vamp. This word, Chedipe, literally means prostitute. She is believed to hold such powerful magick as immortality, shape shifting, the art of invisibility and allure. She is oftentimes depicted as a naked woman, riding on top of a tiger.

Women who die during childbirth, an unnatural death, or who were prostitutes, may become the Chedipe. She is an undead succubus, tempting the wills of men, away from their wives. The Chedipe holds a grudge against all man and will visit them many times, slowly killing them over time. She destroys them first, with pleasure, than with pain. She sucks the blood of them, from their toes, slowly draining their life force.


In Romanian mythology, the Strigoi is known as a vampire. They can be dead or alive. They have highly advanced psychic and magical abilities. They can shapeshift, become invisible and they feed on the participant’s blood.

Transylvanian man Dimitrie Cantemi, mentions in his writings that these beings, also known as striga, are most closely related to witches, instead of vampires. In this author’s opinion, it is most likely a hybrid creature.

According to Dimitrie, there is also signs that may foretell that one is a Strigoi such as; being the seventh born of the same sex in a family, lead a life of immorality, death by suicide, curse and other misfortunes beheld in life.


A succubus is a demon that takes the form of a woman in a man’s dreams. Similarly, an incubus is the male counterpart. They embody the sexual fantasy of the dreamer and feed on the energy that emanates from the genital area. This is why one usually feels pressure in the area. Also, they sometimes push down on your chest and neck and breathe in, around your lips.

It is believed that Lilith, the first wife of Adam, in folklore of ancient mythology, is depicted as the first succubus. She is motivated by wildness and sexual freedom. She inspires several other demons to come forth, causing her to take on a mother of demons role, even though she despises children.

Lover Vampire Curse

For misfortune to run its course, it is thought that one must be cursed. A witch can easily curse someone by thinking negative thoughts about a person, that can result in sickness, stress and death. This is brought about by the actions of the person being cursed, because the witch cannot stop this supernatural force.

The lover vampire curse is brought on, when our hearts hold so much psychic energy, that it needs to eventually be emptied and filled, because of the expanding nature of the universe. When one heart is broken, the psyche of the witch reacts with passion and naivety.

The result of this all, is an endless cycle of beauty and love. Both of these are powerful forces, which can never be stopped, so long as there is light, in this world, left to shine. This light can be physical, spiritual or visual but, in its essence, it is the spirit of all living things.

May these words that I left for you to read, be held delicately by the Earth, until the seasons change and the wind blows through us, into the other life, where we are like air.

I am a witch vamp lover, to my own heart and I hope that I never break it again. We are foolish and stubborn but, we deserve to be happy.

May the light of these words transform you into the future of your dreams.

“Mirror Speculation”

Light shines from the seer onto
Broken pieces of a mirror that
Make more rainbows apart than
When they are whole together

“My Lover, My Heart”

My lover
My heart
Broken apart
By my own design
Poisoned with wine
Wings pierce through time
Glass cuts so sharp
Snake's tongue from your mouth
When you drink the blood
Hell's let out
From a holy cup
So divine
You’ve shattered my mind
Left us behind
For someone else to find

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503

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