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 The Night Stalker & The Manson Family
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Posted - 01/25/2017 :  10:06:09 AM  Show Profile  Visit Silhouet98's Homepage  Reply with Quote Bookmark and Share
The Night Stalker & The Manson Family
The Dark Side of the Paranormal
Halo Paranormal Investigations - HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/
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In this article I will get into the details of The Night Stalker and his connection to the paranormal and then talk about the paranormal effects at a well-established crime scene. A home in Stockton where a grisly murder took place. A murder concocted by the Manson Family. Right now, let's talk about The Night Stalker:

Let's go back in time. The capture of Saigon by the Vietnam Peoples' Army in April 1975, marks the end of the war in Vietnam.

Let's jump one month in 1975. It's now May 1975, see what happens below:

Flashback. Crailsheim, Germany May 1975. True Story. During my time working with CID (Criminal Investigation Division) DST (Drug Suppression Team), I met up with two notorious German women drug dealers, known throughout Germany drug lines as the Snowflake Girls. The Snowflake Girls distributed heroin that was tainted with strychnine. Some of the heroin they distributed in Nurnberg, Germany had such strong amounts of strychnine, that 2 American soldiers OD’d. Both soldiers were fatalities. Working undercover narcotics with the DST, I encountered these two beautiful femme fatales as Porkchops (my undercover name). I met with them in the Hit Club in Nurnberg. After talking with the Snowflake Girls for a lengthy time, I convinced them that I wanted to purchase an ounce of heroin. The next day, I was in their car headed for Crailsheim. Trailing the Snowflake Girls vehicle were undercover vehicles with CID special agents Fast Eddie Isenberg, Taco, SA McFarland and Philly. The girls knew I was carrying a 38 snub nose revolver and told me the only way they were going to show me the ounce of heroin is if I turned over my weapon. I had to make a quick decision, should I turn over my weapon, which is a big no no and get the ounce of heroin or keep the weapon and not get the heroin, nor a conviction of these two women? Being the maverick that I was, I emptied my weapon and handed it over. The girls took me to a large bush, where the heroin was hidden. The special agents that were following us, swooped upon us like Batman – the Dark Knight does with the Joker. They came out of nowhere. One of the girls takes my gun and points it at Fast Eddy Isenberg and I yell out: “Eddy, don’t shoot, it’s not loaded!!” Eddy holds his fire, the girls are arrested. Fast Eddy (my superior) throws me up against the car and yells at me: “I could have shot them!” I thought to myself…it was something I had to do, I had no choice, I couldn’t let them get away. I had to testify against the girls at the same courthouse that the infamous Nurnberg Trials took place at. They were both sentenced to life for the distribution of a dangerous substance and the deaths of 2 soldiers that died using their tainted heroin.

As life goes on as a paranormal investigator, I am still a maverick that uses unconventional ideas to investigate the unknown. I also have maverick ideas about our existence on this planet. Here is an example of my maverick ideas that would make Erich Anton Paul von Daniken smile.

Today is November 26, 2011, Saturday. I get many calls on the paranormal cellular hotline. Today, I get a call from Ricardo ‘Richard’ Munoz Ramirez aka The Night Stalker’s cousin. I will call his cousin Texas Slinger. Texas Slinger was at a time close to Richard in Texas, when Richard was growing up. Texas Slinger does not want to be fully identified, so therefore I will call him Texas Slinger, this nickname actually means something to Richard’s cousin, which I cannot explain here.

Texas Slinger tells me that he recently visited with Richard on San Quentin’s Deathrow and learned a few things about his cousin that he didn’t know. He found out that Richard was once a Rosicrucian. Richard, being in this philosophical secret society learned a few things from the elders that confused him and may have made him retaliate against the world. An interesting note is that Sirhan Sirhan, who killed presidential candidate Robert Kennedy may have been a Rosicrucian and he may have also been a Manchurian candidate as some assassination theorists believe.

I am also a Rosicrucian and was introduced to this order during my tenure with Military Intelligence in Seoul, Korea.

Texas Slinger had a slew of questions for me and here are some of those questions.

Texas Slinger (TS): Richard says he learned from the Rosicrucians that we are not alone and that we are property of extraterrestrials. What do you think of this?

Paul: That is said to be the hidden knowledge with all secret societies from the Illuminati to the Freemasons. The hidden knowledge is the realization that we are not alone in the universe and that non-human intelligence kick started our civilization. They had a hand in our creation. Even old secret societies like the Knights of the Golden Circle with their pro-Aryan sentiments had this belief.

TS: How old is the Knights of the Golden Circle?

Paul: They were founded I believe in 1854 by Dr. George W.L. Bickley. Some of their notable members were Jesse James, Jefferson Davis and even Guerrilla fighter William Quantrill. Some people think the Knights of the Golden Circle protected John Wilkes Booth who killed President Lincoln and that Booth lived to a ripe old age.

TS: This is too crazy. Richard was a crazy man and I have a hard time believing this crap. What proof we have of this?

Paul: How about black rocks in the desert that measure in radioactivity? I know you know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. What if I told you that when Lot’s wife turned to a pillar of salt, that Sitchen noted that the original Sumerian word that was interpreted by Hebrew scribes was that salt meant vapor. Lot’s wife was vaporized when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. This sounds nuclear to me. It is even quoted in the Sumerian text Erra Epos by an angel: “The people I will make vanish, their souls shall turn to vapor!” Now get this, in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, some of the victims that were shielded were okay, but the people that were next to them, that were unprotected, were vaporized!

TS: Richard believed Jesus was good and that Satan was evil. Richard went on Satan’s side because he says Satan wants to destroy mankind and that the Nefilim are nothing but aliens. What is he talking about?

Paul: Nefilim, basically means ‘Those Who Were Cast Down’. The two half brothers Enlil and Enki throughout the whole Sumerian clay tablets play the roles of God and Satan. With Freemasonry and even the Thule Society, it is believed by them, that beings came from the stars and founded the earliest civilizations.

TS: When did they arrive?

Paul: 450,000 years ago. The Anunnaki came from the 12th planet called Niburu. Niburu has a elliptical orbit that takes it outside of the solar system. Remember you asked for proof. Well, in the Sumerian clay tablets it states that the Anunnaki came here for our gold. Their planet Niburu had a depleted ozone layer and the use of tiny particulates of gold shot into Niburu’s atmosphere would patch up their damaged ozone layer. Our scientists confirm that gold would probably be the best method of correcting a depleting ozone layer. Now how in the heck would the Sumerians know that, unless extraterrestrials had told them!

TS: Richard feels we are the property of these space aliens and because of that he lashed out against society.

Paul: Well, did you ever wonder why we never returned to the moon. As smart as man is, we should have moon colonies, Mars colonies and we should be exploring outside of the solar system. But, we are not. It’s because NASA and our government knows we are the property that Richard talks about. Remember the Sumerian clay tablets pre-dates the Bible. Many of us believe the Bible is true, but did you know that many stories are missing out of the Bible? You heard of the Garden of Eden, but did you know that Enlil in the Sumerian clay tablets was in charge of Mesopotamian colony of E.DIN (similar to the biblical Garden of Eden) and Enki was assigned to AB.ZU (aka Africa aka the Land of Mines)?

TS: That’s crazy. Richard is fascinated with the 3 headed Cerberus that guards the gates of hell.

Paul: Well, in the Sumerian clay tablets it tells you that Enki and his helper Ninharsag created mutated creatures, such as lions with human heads. This could be the source of mythological creatures such as Atlas, Unicorns, Minotaurs, Goliath, Gargantua, Polyphemus, Typhon, Pegasus and Richard’s favorite Cerberus. Think about it. Unicorns with their horns would be great for war. Minotaurs great for their agility and fighting abilities. Pegasus, a winged horse that could carry you from one end of the battlefield to another.

TS: Now, what you are telling me is fantasy man, I can’t believe that. I believe in my Bible and what my cousin did was wrong and one day he will pay for his crimes.

Paul: There is nothing wrong with believing in the Bible. Like I said, what is in the Sumerian clay tablets is also in the Bible. In the tablets, they talk of the first man Adama (similar to Adam) and that his genetic material was extracted from his bone marrow (Adam’s rib) to create Eve. In the tablets you have Utnapishtim aka Noah. Enki convinces Utnapishtim to create an arc to house the DNA samples of every animal in the world. Then the son of Enlil – named Ishku, you know him as Yahweh was busy communicating to the Israelites via the Ark of the Covenant, which is actually a radio transmitter/receiver. Ishku aka Yahweh was able to keep tabs on his disciple Abraham through this device.

TS: Why does Richard say we are property?

Paul: Because, that may be the unfortunate truth. We are property. They exceed us in so many ways. 4000 of our years is only a little over a year for the Annunaki. What people believe in the Bible is right there in the Sumerian clay tablets, but yet they ignore it. The Sumerian clay tablets pre-dates the Bible by over 2000 years.

John 8:32 says: “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

TS: Do you think maybe Richard went nuts when the Rosicrucians told him the truth.

Paul: It’s a possibility. I believe in the near future there will be a showdown, because we do not want to be property. But, it is not wise to lash out on society, we should be preparing to lash out against the Anunnaki who may be suppressing us.

The reason for TS’s call was to learn more on what Richard Ramirez knows about the hidden knowledge.

Special Note: Rosicrucianism is a philosophical secret society, said to have been founded in late medieval Germany by Christian Rosenkreuz.

Now that I have shown you the connection with The Night Stalker and the paranormal, let's now take a look at the possible residual haunting effects of a murderous crime scene that was committed by the Manson Clan. See below:

A TV producer contacted me and wanted me and one other investigator to investigate a home in Stockton in which a murder took place. The murder was conducted by the Manson Clan.

EVP Captured at 720 E Flora - Sounds like 'Stay Away'?
Pictures of 720 Flora Road in Stockton and some of the people that we interviewed, see link above.

Thanks for giving me a call back. This is for a one hour show for the XXXXX Channel that we are producing on the Manson murders.
Here is a write up on James and his wife Lauren.

"On November 8, 1972, the body of 26-year-old Vietnam Marine combat veteran James T. Willett was found by a hiker near Guerneville, California.[68] Months earlier, he had been forced to dig his own grave, and then was shot and poorly buried; his body was found with the one hand protruding from the grave and the head and other hand missing (likely because of scavenging animals). His station wagon was found outside a house in Stockton where several Manson followers were living, including Priscilla Cooper, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, and Nancy Pitman. Police forced their way into the house and arrested several of the people there, along with Fromme who called the house after they had arrived. The body of James Willett's 19-year-old wife Lauren "Reni" Chavelle[69] Olmstead Willett was found buried in the basement.[68] She had been killed very recently by a gunshot to the head, in what the Family members initially claimed was an accident. It was later suggested that she was killed out of fear that she would reveal who killed her husband, as the discovery of his body had become prominent news. The Willetts' infant daughter was found alive in the house. Michael Monfort pled guilty to murdering Reni Willett, and Priscilla Cooper, James Craig, and Nancy Pitman pled guilty as accessories after the fact. Monfort and William Goucher later pled guilty to the murder of James Willett, and James Craig pled guilty as an accessory after the fact. The group had been living in the house with the Willetts while committing various robberies. Shortly after killing Willett, Monfort had used Willett's identification papers to pose as Willett after being arrested in an armed robbery of a liquor store.[69] News reports suggested that James Willett was not involved in the robberies[70] and wanted to move away, and was killed out of fear that he would talk to police. After leaving the Marines following two tours in Vietnam, Willett had been an ESL teacher for immigrant children."

The wife was buried under the floorboards at 720 Flora St. Stockton
while James was found in Guerneyville, CA
see information below

JAMES' BODY FOUND: Russian River resort community of Guerneville, in Northern California,

I hope this helps you find the area where he was found. It would have been under the jurisdiction of Sonoma County sheriff who took his body after a hiker found it.

They may have more on the location. If you even get close to the area you might pick up something or maybe the husband's ghost is back at their house on 720 East Flora St.
Thanks for your help.

Has anyone you know done anything on the Black Dahlia case- seen her ghost or the ghost of her killer?
Thanks again

Chantal Apodaca and I on July 19, 2012, Thursday went to 720 East Flora Street to interview the occupants and the neighbors. The occupants were not home. After several attempts at getting an EVP on the outside perimeters of this home, I did capture a female voice that can be heard on the video. Chantal was not talking at the time and it's not her voice. Could this be the voice of Lauren Willit?

Neighbors we interviewed are Kathleena Bouslog who lives directly across the street from 720 East Flora Street. Kathleena has never witnessed any paranormal activity at the home, but she has experienced her doorbell ringing at 3am. Kathleena has lived in the neighborhood since February of 2012.

Earl Hughes has not witnessed anything paranormal, but his significant other says that her doorbell also rings at 3am. Earl and his significant other live right next door to 720 East Flora Street.

Chantal and I interviewed Scott and Monica Walter. They know about the history of the house, but have not witnessed anything paranormal. Scott is very much into the paranormal and told me that his grandpa fell to the curse of Bodie and brought home a rusty nail dated in 1958 and fell to the Bodie curse with a massive heart attack and died. He was 72 years old. Scott has witnessed a UFO once zipping around erratically around New Melones Lake.

But, back to the investigation. I believe there is residual haunting at 720 East Flora Road, we may have possibly obtained an EVP and it appears that two neighbors are experiencing their door bell ringing at 3am. Could it be Lauren trying to escape her brutal murder by running to the neighbor's home and ringing their door knobs for help? The energy did feel very odd at this home and at one point of time Chantal felt an ice cold tugging on her arm. When this occurred, I felt a cold breeze go through my body. It does appear that Lauren is a restless spirit, a spirit that is having a hard time understanding why she was murdered.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/
Pinterest Account:
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: For Investigation or Advice: 916 203 7503
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