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 Message From The President
 MFTP 1/6/09 Vol 13 #114
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Jazma President

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Message from the President
Paul’s Incoherent Ramblings
Jazma Universe Online!
January 6, 2009 Vol. 13 #114
Contributions by: Richard Vasseur, Jeani Rector, Juan Manuel Perez

Next Issue: March 15, 2009, Vol. 13 #115

Mr. S UFO Story in Scotland and Something from Chris Holly:

Paul Dale Roberts,

I saw your article on the unexplained mysteries discussion forums making a connection between what we call fairies and gnomes etc. with aliens and found it pretty interesting. I'm not sure that I necessarily believe in alien abductions or that they have even visited our planet and I consider myself to be a very skeptical individual but whilst I may be on the fence when it comes to abductions and close encounters with extraterrestrials, I have had an encounter with something that depending on your point of view could be described as either a gray alien or some kind of ultraterrestrial and thought you might be interested to hear it.
I live in Scotland and my father and I were walking our dog at about 3am in late summer on an extinct volcano called Arthurs seat in Edinburgh, given the time of year, the fact that it was a fairly clear night with an almost full moon combined with light pollution from the city, it was dark but not so dark that you couldn't see what was going on around you.
As we walked up the valley and got closer to the top I noticed a tall featureless silhouette standing on the horizon which was relatively close due to the fact that we were ascending the side of the valley (i would guess 25 feet), at this point the object didn't appear to have any appendages of any sort such as arms and legs and literally just appeared to be a black line rising from the ground to a height of about 8 or 9 feet, as such my first though was that it had been a young tree with protective tubing around it that had been stripped of its branches for some reason but as we got slightly closer my dog stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the black line and would not move forwards or backwards, at this point myself and my dad looked more closely up the hill to see what he was so spooked by as he's generally a very bold dog and will greet anybody we encounter at night by barking and running towards them.
As we watched the black line literally seemed to 'unfurl', this is very hard to put words to but unfurl seems to describe it best as it was somewhat like when you see a butterfly coming out of a cacoon on tv, essentially it seemed to expand and grow arms and legs and a relatively small head became apparent, at this point I felt my dad tense up next to me and the dog begin to strain against his leash trying to go back the way we came but we stood for a few seconds in silence transfixed by the strange sight then i said to my dad 'what the ****' and heard him reply , 'lets move this way slowly, don't freak out', at this point we suddenly 'felt' the figure looking at us, I say felt because it had literally no features, it was entirely black but with a very strange quality of light to it. Anyway we could feel it looking at us, I suddenly felt cold as my hair stood on end and i got goosepimples all over my body, we stopped walking for a moment and just stared back at this thing which still seemed just to be staring straight at us then we began to walk again, slowly and keeping our eyes on it the whole time and It began to follow us keeping it's distance but with that same feeling of being observed the whole time, by now we were walking around the side of the valley about 20 feet from the figure who walked parallel to us in huge slow strides, swinging its arms in long arcs as it went. Once we started walking back around the valley away from it we noticed it stop and stand straight looking after us for a minute or two before it literally seemed to walk into a rock face and disappear.
This was without doubt the strangest thing I have ever and I imagine will ever experience and no matter how many times i go over the event in my head I can't come up with a rational explanation as even a shared hallucination i think is unlikely to be shared by humans and a dog and it was so apparent that the dog was freaked by this thing too. I have tried to see if anybody else has had similar experiences but I can only find information about 'shadow people' which don't seem to fit as this thing really seemed to have some mass to it rather than being ethereal and just barely there. I hope this information might be of some use to you and would be curious to know if anybody has reported anything similar to you.

To summarise the objects appearance:
8/9 feet tall when apparent only as a line, possibly as much as 12 feet tall after it unfurled.
it did seem to have detail to it like hands but no facial features, no indication of clothing or any other appendages or apparel.
It was extremely thin, much like reports of gray aliens but had a small head, less rounded than a persons.
It was uniformly black, the 'face' seemed to be darker than the rest of it's body and you could really 'feel' it looking at you.
It had a strange quality of light to it, i can't describe it any better than that.

kind regards,

Mr. S.

My Neighbors Ill-Mannered Ghost! – A Follow Up Story
Saying one word and ran out of the house.
The neighbor called and tried to sooth my sister but my sister would have none of it and told her neighbor it was now time to call in help before someone ended up seriously hurt.
I just sat and looked at my sisters swollen eye and did not know if I should laugh or cry. We talked about it and knew that something had changed with the ghost in my neighbor’s house and that it was proving to be a very bad idea allowing the spirit to remain under the now changing circumstances.
My neighbor called my sister and told her she contacted a university who did research on the paranormal and they were sending over a team to investigate the activity in their home.
I don’t know what to make of the entire thing. I do know it is time for them to sort it out. I am writing this follow up to my original story as I feel it always best to call in those who understand these things rather than to simply try to live with them. After re- reading my first article on this families dilemma with this spirit I wanted to add on this update. I think the moral of this story is that the unknown is something we should never take for granted.
If you find you are having any events like these in your life or home, It may be a good idea to seek out those who understand them before you end up with one of those big red swollen eyes!
Ghosts, haunting and things like that truly are not this paranormal writers favorite things. Give me a good old solid UFO any day!
#9829; Copyright © 2008, 2009 Chris Holly, Endless Journey and the Knight Zone @

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